Do You Have Your Job Search Armor?

Do You Have Your Job Search Armor? | Premier Writing Solutions

job-search-armorAs I made my way to an appointment this morning, I was a little surprised to see rain drops as I emerged from the Metro station in downtown DC.

As the rain drops were light, I wasn’t very concerned, but thought to myself that I should have been better prepared. Something as simple as checking the weather channel before leaving the house.

Well, the same advice would work for motivated job seekers. I mean would you contact a recruiter, start reaching out to colleagues or begin sending out resumes without knowing what job you want? Say no, please, please say no…because it you are unclear, you can expect poor results.

So what are a few things that you need to consider before braving the turbulent world of job search activities:

1) Have a resume that works in your favor – remember that the resume is a strategic marketing tool, not a career obituary.

Resume Best Practices That Never Expire

2) Be willing to put in the work. Sure it would be wonderful to get online, send out a resume, get called for an interview, land an offer at the salary you want and sail off in to dream job land. Reality check, today’s job search is competitive, it’s lengthy, it takes all your strength, effort and focus, but it’s worth it in the end

Get the 2013 Job Search Mindset

3) Know what you are selling and know your worth. Don’t get stumped or thrown off in an interview with the “Why should we hire you?” You have to be confident and knowledgeable about what you bring to the table and how you can take the company to the next level.

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4) Try the road less travelled. Job search success will require that you stretch beyond your comfort zone; come out of your shell and actively seek out help and support in the process. Think of people who have just landed a new job, consider partnering with people with different job search goals.

Get To Networking, Networking And Networking

5) Give yourself credit for hard work. So the situation may not be ideal…maybe you are an older professional looking for a job, maybe you never finished that degree or certification; maybe there is a job you should have never taken, whatever the issue, don’t lose sight of your REAL achievements and keep them top of mind when you feel discouraged.

How Great Thou Art

What’s in your job search armor today?