CEOs, Senior Executives & Emerging Leaders

Hey there, I am glad you stopped by here.

From what I can see, you have a rich executive career.

You have incredible skills, you pioneered impressive projects, and have outstanding leadership expertise.

But there is something missing in your career right now.

You are at a crossroad, but the current job market is brutally competitive and you are feeling stuck.

What’s holding you back in your career right now?

  • Spent large portion of your career with the same company:

You’ve spent 20+ years at the same company, and now feel stagnant and crave versatility

  • Want to return to a profession or an industry you loved:

You are wondering if it’s too late to get into an industry / profession you left a long time ago

  • Ready to experience career options in a new environment:

Your entire career has been with just ONE company, but you want growth and elevation elsewhere

  • It’s time to leverage your competencies in another industry:

You need help translating your “solo-industry” career into a stories of success

  • Being self-employed has run its course and you want to entire the business world:

You want to transition from business owner to a corporate leader

  • Having a string of short-term stints makes you appear unstable on paper:

You are struggling to show a cohesive career narrative from consecutive consulting roles?

  • Your job title does not accurately reflect your role and your skills:

You have a hard time articulating your qualifications because your job titles don’t match your expertise

Whatever brings you here, listen, I get it!

Every career journey has stories of leadership, growth and impact.

But when you have an unconventional career, creating a powerful career narrative and personal brand tends to be more challenging.

That’s where I come in.

I am Abby Locke, an executive resume, personal brand strategist and career architect for senior-level professionals, emerging leaders and consultants just like you.

Through highly personalized and tailored career solutions like:

  • Personalized Strategy With Me:

Where you get to discover your untapped strengths, transferable skills and career success themes.

  • Proprietary Personal Branding Process:

Where you get customized guidance on developing a personal brand that reflects your career story and positions your challenges as strengths.

  • Solutions for Challenging Career Situations:

Where you get to explore and experience “made-for-you” solutions to overcome any career hiccup.

My unique value is turning your unique career challenges into stepping stones for your career.

You are getting a strategic career partner who GETS it, not just a fancy resume writing service.

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I Tackle Your Career Challenges Head On:

All my clients are different, so every executive resume writing and career marketing solution is different.

  • Expanding Social Media Footprint: Feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced social media landscape?

I’ll help you enhance your online presence and social media proficiency for career growth.

  • Positioning Your Expertise: Finding it hard to land a role that matches your experience level without being deemed “overqualified”?

I’ll help you strategically showcase your leadership strengths  as assets to prospective employers.

  • Rebuilding Networks: Has your professional network dwindled over time?

I’ll assist with a networking strategy to connect you with the right circles and industry leaders.

  • Refreshing Your Skill Set: Worried that your skills might be outdated?

I’ll identify areas for growth to ensure you bring relevant skills to ideal jobs and prospective employers.

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Why Moving Forward with Abby Makes Sense

Personalized Branding Sessions:

I am your career confidant and I deeply understands the ins and outs of varied career paths,

I will delve deeper to understand your strengths and career goals, craft career marketing strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Uncover your leadership strengths, revive career goals and move from stuck to successful.

Expert Resume Crafting Techniques:

Your executive resume is more than a historical career document; it chronicles the depth, breath and impact of your leadership career experiences.

I will translate your rich background into a compelling executive resume that outlines your skills and tells your career story in a way that resonates with employers.

Shape a standout executive resume that tells your story powerfully and impresses key employers

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LinkedIn Profile Writing Strategies:

Your LinkedIn profile is a gateway to new leads, new connections and often new job opportunities.

Together, we’ll build a LinkedIn profile that leverages your vast experience and connects you with the right network and thought leaders.

Build an online profile that captures your experiences and is easily visible to recruiters and employers

Tailored Career Coaching Solutions:

Whether you want one-on-one sessions or made-for-you resources and tools, I will guide you every step of the way.

I provide tailored, strategic coaching to help you rediscover your strengths and forge a path forward.

Get started today on the journey of transforming your ‘career now’ into a fulfilling ‘career next’.

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Success Stories & Client Testimonials

Your story of transformation could be next.

Here are snippets of success stories from individuals who’ve redefined their career trajectories with Abby

» Retired healthcare CEO shifted brand and landed new consulting gig in 30 days

» Sales manager shed “single-industry” experience and landed top consulting job in 60 days

» HR program manager cracked career ceilings and became associate VP in 75 days

» Lifelong entrepreneur repositioned brand and became an HR employee in 30 days

» Associate sales director leaped into coveted VP role in 40 days

Schedule your discovery call with Abby Locke

You are an ideal client if you…

  • Highly focused on your career growth and ready to invest in yourself
  • Eager to incorporate personal branding and storytelling in your career strategies
  • Are clear on your job search and career goals, but need a help from an career expert
  • 15-plus years’ experience in emerging or leadership roles from Senior Manager to C-Level
  • Need a brand-focused professional or executive resume and other career documents
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I am committed to your success and will…

  • Ask you the right, thought-provoking, resume writing, coaching and branding questions
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself, your strengths and your capabilities
  • Identify your strengths / leadership value with proprietary branding and coaching tools
  • Express your value in executive resumes, board resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and executive bios.
  • Re-energize, re-focus and revive your executive career and job search goals.
  • Hold you accountable on immediate actions, job search efforts and results
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Executive Resume Writing Services & Executive Branding Specialties

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Top Reasons For Hiring An Executive Resume Writer

1) Today’s executive job search is not always a  “slam-dunk” success:

A great executive resume make you look good on paper, but strategic career marketing solutions help you to accelerate in your career goals.

You need to balance a strong online presence with multifaceted career marketing documents like a networking resume, career biography, critical leadership initiatives document and more.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out your best strategy, an executive resume writer with strategic coaching expertise can keep you focused and on track to get the best results.

2) Your old  “me-oriented” executive resume is not working for you:

The modern executive resume is SO much more than a flat, historical document. It is a powerful, hard-hitting document that showcases your talents, potential, personal brand and unique promise of value.

By working with an executive resume writer, you get a premium executive resume written by an industry expert who can be objective in pulling your career story together.

3) Qualifications are nice, but value proposition gets you noticed:

You cannot compete on just your qualifications, you need to understand your value proposition and how to leverage that insight in interviews, networking meetings and in your executive resume.

When you engage with an executive resume writer and personal brand strategist, walk away with tangible and intangible benefits.

Executive Clients Reviews

F. Russell

After working with her within two weeks, I had two exciting job offers in hand. I was able to negotiate with both employers from a position of strength because my accomplishments and value were clearly articulated. In fact, one employer complimented my resume several times thanking me for making her job easier.

F. Russell

Director of Product Marketing

B. Kuttala

Within one week after completing my new resume with you, I immediately started getting call backs from recruiters and hiring managers for senior technology management positions. I just wanted to let you know that I accepted a new position as the Director of Technology Management at a $30 billion-dollar company with a $150K increase in my annual compensation.

B. Kuttala

Technology Executive

I. Fernandez

Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements in a career path that wasn’t exactly linear. Now my resume stands out and describes succinctly what skills and experience I bring to an employer.

Thanks to my powerful resume I have found my next career opportunity and I could not be happier.

I. Fernandez

Vice President, Non-Profit Industry

M. Sauls

Abby is an excellent career coach and executive resume writer. I hired her a few years ago and she did a great job helping me to prepare a best in class portfolio of my work and leave behind document. I was so impressed with the product.

M. Sauls

Senior HR Leader

B. Eason

You have been a joy to work with. Thank you for all of your help. I have forwarded your information to others and will continue to do so. You are gifted at something that is very hard to do, and I am relieved to have your help and support.

B. Eason

Senior Management Executive

I. Fernandez

I was changing careers and didn’t know how to present the breadth of my experience in a way that would flow into my next career. Abby is a very thorough and a knowledgeable professional. Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements in a career path that wasn’t exactly linear. Now my resume stands out and describes succinctly what skills and experience I bring to an employer.

I. Fernandez

Vice President / Consultant

L. Prout

I highly recommend Abby as a brand strategist. Abby is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator with a unique writing ability to bring your competitive positioning to life. Her exclusive branding system is a powerful, impactful journey that will introduce you to yourself along the way to establishing your value proposition and setting you apart from the crowd.

L. Prout


E. Lebrun

Abby is gifted when it comes to helping her clients clearly and powerfully market themselves professionally. Her process guides you to capture not the “what” of what you’ve done, but its impact/value to an organization. In the end, one walks away with a strong ability to convincingly articulate one’s professional value.

E. Lebrun

Senior Consultant

N. Boatswain

Abby is an excellent career coach. I have engaged Abby in a review of my management style and have found her to be insightful with though-provoking suggestions to help you understand your strengths and areas of opportunities.

N. Boatswain

Senior Manager