Dynamic Executive Brands + Executive Resumes

Compelling, visually appealing and dynamic representations of your brand and career story

Navigating any job search or career move can be overwhelming.

When you are 50-plus, hunting for senior-level positions becomes more challenging because the stakes are higher.

But let me ask you a few questions upfront:

  • Does your executive resume clearly reflect your unique value proposition?
  • Does your executive resume have persuasive content that positions you as a top candidate?
  • Does your executive resume illustrate the depth, nuances, and challenges of each role?
  • Does your executive resume have quantifiable, impactful achievements?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, you have reached the right place.

As a passionate career strategist and executive resume writer, I specialize in crafting powerful executive brands and compelling resumes.

Over the past 20-plus years, I have helped global executives and leaders effectively articulate their unique career stories.

Executive Resume Refresher Coaching Program ($695)

Here’s a breakdown of everything you get in this special service:

  • You commit to doing the writing and I walk you through the entire process
  • One-on-one coaching with me, Abby Locke (3 Individual Sessions OR One half-day Power Session)
  • Guidance on resume strategy, best writing approach and content development
  • In-depth branding assessments, industry skills inventory, career questionnaire and more
  • Five professional resume, bio and cover templates (Value $200) you can use in your job search
  • LinkedIn profile template so you can your content matches your career and job search needs
  • Final editing, formatting and clean up of professional resume to ensure a professional look

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Payment Plans Available Upon Request

Executive Resume + Networking Resume ($1,295)

Are you ready to step into a resume that speaks as powerfully as your career journey?

Here’s what awaits you:

  • BrandExpress™ Career Assessment: Unearth your strengths, your brand, and your distinction.
  • Fast-Track Branding Session: A 90-minute session tailored to accelerate the branding process.
  • Executive Writing & Resume Development: Turn your career story into a powerfully written resume.
  • Premium Resume Deliverables: Receive a 2-page resume and a 1-page networking resume.

Ideal for industry leaders who want to “sample” a proven branding system and swift solution

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Executive Resume + LinkedIn Profile ($1,795)

Are you a high-achieving leader ready to make your mark in a competitive landscape?

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • ABrandYou™ Executive Career Branding: Benefit from a 2-hour consultative session designed to uncover your branding and unique value proposition.
  • Executive Writing & Resume Suite: Receive a compelling resume, handcrafted to resonate with your target audience.
  • LinkedIn Profile Overhaul: Complete your brand aura with an SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile, ready to connect you to industry influencers.
  • Deluxe Resume & LinkedIn Deliverables: Walk away with a two-page, branded executive resume in MS Word and a LinkedIn profile fine-tuned for ultimate impact.

Ideal for Senior Directors, Directors, Executive Directors, and  Managing Directors 

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Premium Executive Resume Branding Suite ($1,995)

Ready to elevate your executive brand and magnify your digital footprint?

Here’s what the package includes:

  • ABrandYou™ Career Branding System: Crafted specifically for executives for pinpointing your strengths, defining your unique value proposition, and setting you apart in the marketplace
  • In-depth Strategy Sessions: Comprehensive discussions delve into your career trajectory, major accomplishments, and leadership narratives to ensure a well-rounded representation
  • Resume Writing & Development: Your professional journey is showcased optimally across all career marketing materials
  • Comprehensive Executive Resume: Gain a two to three-page tailored resume in MS Word format
  • SEO-Optimized LinkedIn Profile Creation: Boost your online presence with a keyword-rich profile.

Additional Choice of ONE of the following:

  • Executive Career Biography: A concise one-page narrative that beautifully encapsulates your professional voyage
  • Branded Executive Networking Summary: A one-page snapshot of your achievements and skills for networking purposes

If you’re at the pinnacle of your profession and want to distinguish yourself, this package is for you.

 Ideal for Senior leadership roles including, but not limited to CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, and CAO.

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Board Readiness Portfolio ($2,495)

Your Pathway to Influential Board Positions

Here’s what you need to be board ready:

  • ABrandYou™ System: Hone in on your executive strengths, unique value, and standout differentiators.
  • Leadership Brand Archetypes Assessment: Dive deep into your leadership style and strengths (learn more)
  • Professional Writing & Development: Crafting influential resumes and essential career documents tailored for board roles.
  • Board-Centric Resume: A detailed 2-3 page resume in MS Word, highlighting your governance prowess.
  • Board-Focused LinkedIn Profile: Comprehensive development showcasing board-relevant skills.
  • Board Biography: A succinct one-page career narrative emphasizing your board capabilities.

Perfectly for high-level leaders and C-Level executives aiming for prestigious board positions

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Optional Add-On Career Services

LinkedIn Profile ($395)
Your LinkedIn profile gives you a strategic online profile presence on LinkedIn and is written with compelling Summary, keyword-rich Specialties, and compelling Experience descriptions

Executive Biography / Leadership Profile ($495 to $695)
Powerful career docs for networking, Board appointments and media coverage

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