Brand Distinction In One Sentence

What’s your competitive advantage in today’s job market?

brand-distinction-for-executivesThere are three holidays that are most exciting to me – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. So as the entire country starts to buzz with new energy, get busy with menu planning, get organized with travel plans and get joyful about seeing family and loved ones – well, I am happy too, cause in one week, it’s Thanksgiving!

I think I love Thanksgiving because it’s simply about pausing, counting your blessings and being grateful for what and who you have in your life. No presents, no grab bags, no expectations, just simply being thankful. It cannot get better than that…

For those of you still job hunting, I want to share a few strategies with you on how you can make employers and recruiters thankful that they have your resume. First, you’ll need a solid personal brand to communicate your value during a job-search campaign.

A personal brand statement gives you a competitive advantage – include it in your executive resume; make it a part of an attention-getting elevator pitch; use it as foundation for your career success stories (ideal for interviews) and leverage it in networking events.

I developed the follow brand for a manufacturing executive – see how it gets expanded for other career marketing/job search activities:

Engaging cutting-edge technologies that expedite manufacturing processes so companies can achieve aggressive revenue growth, reduce operating costs, and exceed profit objectives.
Incorporate It Into Your Executive Summary

Senior executive with broad-based expertise steering multimillion, global manufacturing companies. History of leveraging cutting-edge technologies that expedite manufacturing processes, improve internal operations, and achieve aggressive revenue and profit growth.

Add Power To Your Elevator Pitch


“Hi, my name is Carl Brown and I am a Manufacturer Executive with 15-plus years’ experience with multi-million, global manufacturing companies.”


“Hi, my name is Carl Brown. As an experienced Manufacturing Executive, I have engaged cutting-edge technologies that helped global manufacturing companies like ABC Plastics, Newform Manufacturing, and TechNec Corporation achieve aggressive revenue growth, improve operating cost objectives and maintain competitive market advantage. 

Make An Impression in Interviews

Question: “So Carl, tell me about yourself.”

Possible Answer:

“Okay. As my resume demonstrates, I bring over 15 years’ experience in P&L management, product innovation and turnaround management. Throughout my career, I have been repeatedly employed cutting-edge technologies that expedited manufacturing processes and achieved aggressive revenue, cost, and profitability objectives for global manufacturing companies in the plastic industry.”

Question: “Why should we hire you?”

Possible Answer:

“I deliver results through technology-driven strategies—in every company, I have integrated cutting-edge technologies and new manufacturing processes to propel aggressive revenue growth, achieve cost-cutting objectives, and increase profitability margins.

Question: If we hired you today, what immediate value can you bring to our operations?

Possible Answer:

“I would introduce cutting-edge technologies that would eliminate operational inefficiencies, expedite manufacturing processes, and accelerate revenue growth and profitability while achieve cost-cutting objectives.”

Overall, you have spent several years building your professional reputation and acquiring attributes that make you a unique executive candidate – why not make all of it work effectively for you?