Executive Job Search: Renew Your Mind, Land A Job

Renew your mind and land a job

I have been thinking a lot lately about how negative or restricted thoughts and beliefs stifle and “kill” our personal and professional success.

I meet so many executive job seekers who have launched a job search for the first time in more than 10 years, but who are unwilling to embrace new job search practices and online strategies.

  • Are you are ready to throw in the towel on your job search because you keep getting the same results?
  • Have you ever considered that your lackluster results are directly related to your ineffective job search methods?
  • Can you accept that you can’t get different results if you hold on to the same dysfunctional habits and beliefs?

Regardless of your career background, professional level, these tried-and-true efforts will get your more results than staring at your computer and applying for every job online.

–Make sure your executive resume reflects career achievements and industry qualifications that are most relevant to prospective employers; don’t cherry pick what you think is important and impressive

–Define a multifaceted job search plan that includes specific target companies and don’t be swayed by the weekly online job postings.

–Get informed about online identity and explore social media tools for job search  instead of creating a resume profile and waiting for recruiters to contact you

–Overcome the fear of reaching out to strangers and practice making cold calls for informational interviews, instead of asking repeatedly asking the same contacts for job referrals

–Join an executive job search club or create your own support team, instead of being embarrassed about your unemployment and trying to face the challenge on your own

When you want positive change to occur in your life, the successful outcome starts first in your mind and then manifests through your deliberate actions. What deadly mindsets and ineffective job search tactics are you still holding on to?