Finding a Federal Government Job

Shifting from private sector, non-profit, or academia to a stable, rewarding position in the federal government can often feel like uncharted territory.

The application process is very complex and understanding how to showcase your skills effectively can be time consuming.

That’s where I come in.

With a rich history working with renowned government agencies including NASA, the Department of Labor, US Mint and the State Department, I bring expertise, a deep understanding and an insider’s perspective on what it takes to land a government job.

Why Partner with Abby Locke?

Step by step, I will be with you, helping you navigate the intricacies of the federal job application process, including a meticulous pre-submission review to ensure every detail is perfectly aligned with what government agencies are seeking.

My success stories include guiding private sector employees to prestigious government roles and elevating federal employees to Senior Executive Service (SES) positions. I know what works!

Service Highlights:

How it works:

  • Federal career coaching: I will leverage my strategic career coaching to build a federal career pathway that genuinely reflects your strengths and experiences.
  • Personal brand crafting: Together, we will create federal resumes and ECQs that not only meet the stringent government requirements but do so while vividly showcasing your unique strengths and skillsets.
  • Finetuning federal applications: I will help you understand your federal job search objectives, review your vacancy announcement and discuss your past experiences/challenges with the application process.
  • Building federal resume components: I will gather all your documents and supporting info to help build the content. For example, past resumes, performance evaluations, position descriptions, special projects, awards and more.
  • Identifying relevant experience: I will discuss all the position requirements and qualifications with you as the goal is to have our package deemed as “Best Qualified“.
  • Developing accomplishments: I will coach you on developing standout accomplishments for each position going back about 10 years using the CCAR accomplishment builder format.
  • Writing expert federal resume / SES resume: I will advise on the best writing strategies so that your federal resume resume has all the essential keywords to survive the complex ATS system.

Unlock the Abby Advantage:

Empathetic Approach: I understand firsthand the nuances and challenges you face. I’m here to ensure your lengthy career history is seen as an asset, not a hindrance.

Industry Recognition: My top industry credentials — Master Resume Writer, Career Management Coach, and Personal Brand Strategist — are not just titles.

They are a testament to my commitment to helping professionals like you succeed.

Get ready to move forward with confidence in your federal job search.

Transition from a corporate executive or leader in the private sector to a federal employee with my federal resume and SES coaching services.

Federal & SES Resume – Coaching & Consulting Services

  • Understand the parameters of the federal job application and resume writing process
  • Learn how to be strategic and selective in applying for federal government jobs
  • Leverage your experience, education, training, and knowledge in federal government

The best federal resumes & SES resumes are:

  • customized with effective keywords and specific language according to the vacancy announcement
  • written to meet current USAJOBS® federal resume format and application requirements
  • organized to highlight your knowledge, skills, abilities and education that meet the qualifications
  • focused on your last 10 years of your work experience regardless of grade-level / professional level

Investment: Priced according to project

***Ranging from $500 for SES/ECQ coaching only services to $2,495 for full scope writing services***

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Your Federal & SES Resume Writer – Federal Career Coach

Abby has 15 years of experience and expertise as a federal resume specialist, ECQ expert and federal career coach and trainer at major federal government agencies including NASA, Department of Labor, US Mint, Department of State, EEOC and NGA

Five Steps to an Effective Federal Resume

1. Read the Federal Job Announcement Carefully:

Carefully review the job announcement for the federal position and pay attention to the desired qualifications, duties, and skills listed.

Tailor your federal resume to match these specific job requirements by using similar language and emphasizing relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments.

Remember to provide specific information such as job titles, dates of employment, and locations; and be sure to add any relevant security clearances or certifications.

2. Use the USAJOBS Resume Builder:

USAJOBS is the official job board for federal government jobs in the United States.

Utilize the USAJOBS Resume Builder tool to create your federal resume as it’s specifically designed to guide you through the process of including all the necessary details and information required for federal applications.

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3. Emphasize Accomplishments & Impact:

Federal resumes place a strong emphasis on accomplishments rather than just listing job responsibilities.

Use the “Accomplishments” or “Achievements” section to showcase how your work has made a positive impact.

Instead of just listing job duties, emphasize your quantifiable accomplishments to showcase how you’ve made a positive impact and to highlight your key career contributions.

For example, mention how your efforts led to cost savings, efficiency improvements, or positive outcomes.

4. Include Keywords from the Job Announcement:

Federal agencies often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen federal resumes for specific keywords. Incorporate keywords and phrases directly from the job announcement into your resume.

This not only helps your federal resume pass the initial ATS screening but also demonstrates that you possess the qualifications sought by the agency.

Incorporate keywords from the job description into your federal resume.

Many government agencies use automated systems to scan resumes for keywords, so using the right terms can help your federal resume stand out.

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5. Follow the CCAR Format for Accomplishments:

The CCAR format stands for Challenge, Context, Action, and Result. When describing your accomplishments on your federal resume, use this format:

  • Challenge: Describe the problem or challenge you faced.
  • Context: Explain the circumstances surrounding the challenge.
  • Action: Detail the actions you took to address the challenge.
  • Result: Highlight the positive outcomes or results of your actions.

Using this format provides a clear and structured way to position your leadership abilities and highlight how you’ve handled business challenges and delivered innovative solutions for the federal government.

FAQS About Federal Resumes

1. What is the best format for a federal resume?
The best format is a comprehensive, detailed document including sections like your contact information, summary, work experience (focus on achievements and responsibilities), education, certifications, skills, and references.

2. How do I write a federal resume with no experience?
Start with a strong summary emphasizing relevant skills and educational background.

List any relevant internships, volunteer work, or coursework. Showcase transferable skills and include all necessary personal details.

3. What are the key differences between federal and civilian resumes?
Federal resumes tend to be more detailed and lengthy and require more information than private sector resumes, such as citizenship status and veteran’s preference.

Federal resume focus on keywords and your detailed work experience.

4. How long should a federal resume be?
While private sector resumes are often limited to 1-2 pages, federal resumes are substantially longer often 3-5 pages.

Federal resume also extensively detail your qualifications and experiences.

5. What should be included in a federal resume?
Beyond standard resume sections, a federal resume needs citizenship status, veteran’s preference, federal employment history, and specific keywords from the job announcement to pass ATS systems.

6. Can I use my existing resume to apply for federal jobs?
It is advisable to tailor your resume to meet the specific requirements of federal jobs, which are quite distinct from those of civilian roles.

Leveraging a federal resume template can be a smart strategy to ensure all necessary details are included.

7. What are the most common mistakes on federal resumes and how to avoid them?
Common mistakes include being too brief, lack of quantifiable achievements, and missing keywords from the job announcement.

Follow federal resume and application guidelines very carefully and tailor your federal resume for each job.

8. Are there any special certifications needed for federal resume writers?
While not a requirement, certifications like Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW) can showcase expertise in the field and build trust with clients.

Pursuing continuing education in this area is recommended.

9. What are the best tips for federal resume writing?
Tailor your federal resume for each job application, use relevant keywords, including quantifiable career achievements are some of the best tips.

10. How can I tailor my federal resume for a specific job posting?
Read the federal job announcement carefully, identify key qualifications and keywords.

Make sure to clearly demonstrate how your skills and experiences align with the federal job’s requirements.

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