The Power of LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” Banner

Whether you’re a recent grad entering the job market, or an experienced professional over 50 who has recently faced a job loss, LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” photo banner is a powerful tool that can streamline your job search efforts.

This simple green overlay on your profile photo may seem like a small addition, but it can have an oversized impact – clearly signaling your availability and qualifications to prospective employers and recruiters.

Don’t Be Deterred – Most Hiring Pros Approve

There’s an understandable hesitation around publicly broadcasting you’re open to new roles, especially later in your career after decades of hard work.

It can feel like an admission of failure or damage your professional reputation.

However, a 2023 survey by job platform Teal found a whopping 91% of hiring professionals say the “Open to Work” banner doesn’t actually deter them from considering candidates.

In fact, busy recruiters racing against the clock to fill positions quickly tend to prioritize those proactively using the banner.

For experienced leaders who have built up impressive skills and accomplishments over the years, don’t let pride prevent you from being considered for that next great role.

The “Open to Work” label simply lets people know you’re ready for new challenges aligned with your expertise.

Get Noticed by the Right People

Whether you’re just starting out or an industry veteran, the primary benefit of this feature is increasing your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn’s recruiting platform.

Think about it – LinkedIn is the go-to site used by over 90% of recruiters to discover talent according to some reports.

By signaling your open status right in your profile photo, you exponentially increase your chances of having your background viewed by the right people at the right time.

As one recruiter put it, candidates with the green banner are “much more likely to respond” to initial outreach compared to others, so they often get prioritized.

Combining an Optimized Profile + The Open to Work Banner

While the photo banner alone can help get more eyes on your qualifications, you’ll want to ensure your LinkedIn profile itself is properly optimized as well.

This is your digital resume and portfolio all rolled into one and for all job seekers, key elements of a strong profile include:

– A standout, value-oriented headline
– A detailed “About” section highlighting your key skills and career accomplishments
– Recommendations from former managers/colleagues reinforcing your strengths
– A professional, high-quality profile photo

By combining this compelling career narrative with the high-visibility “Open to Work” indicator, your profile becomes an unstoppable force for attracting new opportunities.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

Don’t just set the banner and move on – refreshing your LinkedIn presence through consistent activity and engagement is also critical, especially if you’re more experienced.

Simple practices like

  • posting updates about your professional interests/insights,
  • commenting on others’ content, and
  • following companies/influencers of interest increase the visibility of your “Open to Work” persona.

It keeps you top-of-mind rather than getting lost in the LinkedIn void.

For those earlier in their careers, being active allows you to build your professional brand from the ground up.

For seasoned professionals, it reinforces the value you can still offer despite career setbacks or transitions.

Ultimately, leveraging the “Open to Work” photo frame combined with an active, optimized presence on LinkedIn can open up a world of new job opportunities no matter where you are in your professional journey.

If you’re ready for a career move or next step, it’s a free feature worth taking full advantage of.