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Ready to take your professional life and career goals to the next level?

Working with Abby Locke offers an exciting opportunity for you do just that!

As a highly credentialed executive resume writer and personal brand coach, she utilizes her exclusive ABrandYou™ system to help clients stand out from their peers while they build confidence in their abilities.

She’s not just an executive resume writer, there’s much more.

One of many successful customers declared “Abby does more than create resumes; it’s like you’re giving us hope.”

Get ready to think outside the box as we explore what else lies ahead – book a discovery session today!

Executive Resume Writing Services
Career Coaching Services

Experienced career expert

Highly credentialed executive resume writer

Intuitive, compassionate career coach

Find my direct, strategic advice on executive resume writing, job search and online branding on several platforms including key articles on Career Thought Leaders blog, Medium.com, Excelle.com, Careerealism.com, CareerUSA, The Ladders.com, Monster.com, MORE.com Localcareernetwork.com, Work It Daily, Examiner.com, World Economic Forum 

I have served as trusted executive resume writer and career coach for global clients at

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Google
  • Disney
  • Gucci
  • Dell EMC
  • Bank of America
  • Boeing
  • NBC Universal
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Coca-Cola

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Executive Resume Writing Services
Career Coaching Services

My executive resume samples have published…

My distinctive executive resume samples and career marketing docs have been published in 14+ national career books:

  • Top Notch Executive Resumes
  • 30-minute Resume Makeover
  • Same Day Resume
  • Step-by-Step Resumes
  • Happy About My Resume
  • Sales and Marketing Resumes for $100K Careers
  • Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives

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Executive Resume Writing Services
Career Coaching Services

I am a big believer and proponent of learning and growth

One of few global career experts with top highly coveted and respected certifications including

  • Academy / Master Resume Writer
  • Academy Certified Resume Writer
  • Executive & Leadership Development Coach
  • Certified Professional Diversity Coach
  • Career Management Coach
  • Personal Branding Strategist
  • Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner
  • MBTI Administrator

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Clark University

MBA degree from Boston University

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Human Connection & Empathy:

Abby provides human touch, understanding, insights and empathy that no AI tool can replicate

Many professionals over 50, especially those transitioning or feeling at a crossroads in their career, need the kind of emotional support and guidance that AI tools can’t offer them.

Personalized Career Success Strategies:

Abby has years of expertise, deep understanding of leadership career stories and industry nuances, so she can offer you highly customized career growth solutions.

Most AI tools can only analyze data and suggest generalized and often limited strategies.

Job Market, Industry & Career Trends Interpretation:

Abby has been working senior-level professionals and executives for over 20 years. Her clients come from a wide array of industries, Fortune 500 companies and across the globe.

When it comes to career challenges and unconventional career journeys, she has seen it all and has successfully navigated clients from confusion and despair to confidence and growth.

Even the best AI tools don’t have the human insight to present the data and interpret job market trends, industry shifts, and their implications for an individual’s career path.

Personal & Leadership Branding:

Abby is passionate about personal branding and helping professionals like you to unlock their growth, success and prosperity.

– AI tools are effective for scanning keywords or formats.

However the essence of personal branding – the narrative, uniqueness, value proposition, consistent themes of success and emotional resonance – is a distinctly human domain.

Customized Career Marketing Solutions:

– Abby goes beyond a simple executive resume and works to help helps clients understand their value proposition, build individual confidence, and articulate their worth in the modern job market.

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