Career Success Day 4: Pat Yourself On The Back

I am really busy getting my house in order…I like to get my house very organized and clean, get laundry done and create great energy and space before I head out of town…that way, I have great energy to welcome me when I return home.

Well, everywhere you turn, festivities and holiday parties are in full swing, so before I get distracted with my holiday activities, I wanted to stop by and give you a fresh dose of career success advice.

If you are just joining us, I am taking you through a 12-day career success journey with easy-to-implement career strategies and advice that will give you a jump start for the new year. Go ahead and get ahead of the crowd, let them be merry while you diligently tarry.

On the fourth day of the holidays, my executive coach said to me:

Stop making light of your achievements and take credit for what you have done

“Oh, it was not a big deal”

“That feels so natural for me, I didn’t have to think about it”

“I can do that with my eyes closed and one hand behind my back”

Do any of the above phrases and comments ring a bell with you? Which ones do YOU find yourself frequently using? I cannot count the number of times I have worked with clients who get about their own achievements.

Don’t sit on your life and career achievements, they are catalysts for your next level  –  let them serve as great sources of motivation and strong reminders about your capabilities and strengths in any situation or circumstance.

Besides the obvious, “earth shattering” achievements amaze everyone, here are some other sources to jog your memory about past achievements.

  • Company’s annual performance reviews, assessments or evaluations
  • Company-sponsored awards or special recognition tokens (there is usually a reason, you earned that award)
  • Letters of recommendations or commendations from previous employers, vendors, clients or colleagues
  • Thank you letters or emails for happy, satisfied company clients (they are generally specific in nature regarding how you helped them)
  • High-profile company projects or special assignments (focus on the complexities, your role and then the results)
  • Academic / graduate school course projects (pick the toughest assignments)

What are your top five achievements for 2012?