Networking: Don’t Keep Talking To Career Clones

Networking: Don't Keep Talking To Career Clones | Premier Writing Solutions

Does your professional network of contacts resemble the rainbow – full of unique parts?

Whether you are determined to find your dream job or looking to make strides in your career, you must have a solid, strategic professional network.

  • Have you taken a close look at your professional network lately?
  • Do you find yourself only attending events and making connections with colleagues and peers who are just like you?
  • Do you ever feel like you are just talking to your own career clones?

While it is important to recognize that everyone in your network has something valuable to offer in terms of personal insight, career advice and connections – don’t do yourself a great disservice by limiting or restricting your professional network.

A broad, diverse professional network has individuals who are:

— Friends

— Relatives

— Neighbors

— High school/College/Graduate school alumni

— Professional advisors like lawyers, accountants, insurance agent

— Current/former work associates

— Former professors

— Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and consultants

— Church/religious affiliates

— Sorority/fraternity associates and much, much more.

If everyone in your network knows each other, just think about all the new, exciting and creative ideas and energy that you are missing out on. Try something new and reach out to someone outside your usual circle.