What’s In Your Field of Career Dreams?

career-dreamsWalk into your field of career dreams with no doubts.

We have deep, deep career dreams…regardless of what career path you are on, there may be a part of you that still nurtures and peeks at childhood dreams.

Sure, they may get overlooked or pushed to the back of your mind, but they are never truly forgotten. These career dreams got squashed because you were told that they didn’t make sense, could not financially support you and would not make you successful.

  • Is it time to start career “dreaming” again?
  • What will ultimately bring you happiness – career satisfaction or career sensibility?
  • Are you willing to take steps to embrace a career rather than just a job?

1) Open your treasure chest again

The interesting thing of our heartfelt dreams is that we never really let go of them. My brother has built a very successful career in technology, but his true love (besides his 9-year old daughter) lies with flying airplanes and that dream has never left him.

His favorite hobby is flying model planes, he gets relaxed driving to an airfield and watching planes take off, his favorite outing is to an air and space museum, and he can identify any plane or jet within five minutes.

What is in your treasure chest? Are you holding on to news articles, magazine clippings, books, videos and CD’s that nurture unhatched career dreams?

2) Close your eyes, walk in your career dream and feel it come to life

Often, when our career dreams seem unreachable or impossible, it’s easy for to give up…I personally believe that career dreams don’t become a reality until you have given it a full life. Take your dream career to the next level by walking in it – if you have always wanted to be teacher, write down the details.

What kind of school or university students do you want to have?

How many students are in your class?

What subjects are you teaching?

What solutions are you bringing to your students?

What does a typical day look and feel like?

I think you get the idea – get it out of your head and start making it a part of your life. The more real it becomes to you, there is a greater chance that you will be encouraged to make it “real”.

3) Acknowledge fear, but move forward anyway

Okay, I’m going to be transparent and share with you that I am guilty of locking the greatest dreams and ideas in my treasure chest. Everyday, I have to challenge myself to let those dreams fly – talk about it, put it on paper, map out a plan and make it a reality. I am happy to say that I am finally setting free my dreams in 2012 – woo hoo!

What career dreams can you set free to live, breathe and take full residence with you? Can you volunteer to get a feel for it? Can you join a mastermind group to get motivated and keep you accountable?

I declare that 2012 is the year to put aside your deepest fears, walk in faith and set your career dreams free.