Achieving Your Career Goals – All Is Not Lost

What dreams are you deferring or denying because you think it’s too late?

As I look ahead to celebrating my birthday in October, I am reflecting on my journey for the past year – the highs, the lows and everything inits-never-too-late-for-career-dreams between. I personally believe in celebrating every milestone and effort no matter how small.

Just being in the celebratory mood reminded me of one of my cousins who recently completed his doctorate degree in management.

This is an amazing accomplishment and feat under any circumstances, what’s unique in this case is that my cousin is 63…you see, at the age of 53, he decided to start college while holding down a full-time job and raising his children.

Once he got started, he was motivated to keep trying for the next level, so over a period of almost ten years, through papers and tests and late night studying, he persevered until he completed his doctorate degree.

  • What career dreams are you deferring or denying because you think it’s too late to achieve them?
  • What steps are you not taking today because you have convinced yourself that it’s too late to get started?
  • More importantly, what dream crushers have you let into your life that keep telling you that your time has passed?

My cousin’s accomplishment reminded me and I am reminding you that it’s not and never too late for personal and career success. Today, my cousin works as a professor where his own daughter received her master’s degree…now how’s that for an inspiration!