Career Success Day 3: Big Dreams Never Die

I have been downloading new books and movies on my Kindle Fire to enjoy during my mini Christmas break…as I mentioned yesterday, I will be working in between, but that the life as a soloprenuer…no complaints over here:)

How are you doing so far with your career success advice? Don’t just take it in and think about it – apply some action so that you can start the New Year off to a bright start.

Well, if you celebrate Christmas like I do, this upcoming week will be hectic with last minute shopping, accomodating guests and pulling out all the stops for the big day.

So, I am not going to keep you long. Here you go…on the third day of the holidays, my executive coach said to me:

Revive your forgotten career dreams

Here it is…your opportunity to walk into your field of dreams without any external criticism, objections or negative doubts. Ignore the voices that keep saying that your career dream does not make sense and will never financially support you.

This exercise is about re-evaluating those career dreams and figuring out if now is a better time for you (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) to take the leap.

What is in your treasure chest? Are you holding on to news articles, magazine clippings, books, videos and CD’s that nurture your dreams? Has today’s technology made it easier to achieve the career dream?
Bring your dream out of fantasy into reality and walk in it. If you have always wanted to be a real estate agent, see what comes to mind and write down the details.

  • What kind of clients/target market do you want to have?
  • What does a typical day look and feel like? How many clients are you working with on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • Are you doing straight sales or do you see yourself doing training and consulting to larger groups?

I can speak from personal experience that once you surrender to what your heart is saying, opportunities seem to pop up everywhere you turn.

Understand that it doesn’t mean that you quit your job and throw caution to the wind, however, you can start making significant strides towards reclaiming your career dreams. I am a living proof.