How Looking Back Helps You Move Forward

Whenever a new year comes around, take a moment to reflect on the past years. Start with an honest evaluation of your accomplishments, successes and failures.

Welcome the new year with a celebration of the past. Whatever challenges you faced in before , be thankful that you are in place to face another year.

Be inspired and ready to tackle new endeavors, explore new horizons and reach for the stars.

Looking back helps to evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

It seems like some personal and career issues seem to be replayed over and over, right? How many years has it been that you’ve promised to be more vigilant about your diet and exercise?

  • What about overusing your credit card?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • What is it going to be this year?
  • What are your career priorities?

Well, I am here to tell you that’s it’s all a matter of perspective. You see, somewhere in the past, you stumbled and for a while, you were spinning your wheels.

But, take heart, that is past. There is a deep well of strength and courage within you. After all, you moved on and you survived.

No one passes through this life without feeling regret or heartache over lost job opportunities, wrong career choices and wrong life decisions. However, these setbacks do not define your life. They offer lessons, insights and a determination to do better.

Some pursue elusive career and life dreams. How long has it been for you of chasing the same things?

Is it time to re-assess those dreams? Times change and people change and dreams change. What avenues can you pursue now?

Don’t get stuck chasing after something that loses its value and its luster as time moves on.

Look back honestly, but kindly…and move on…don’t let life pass you by.