Whether you are an experienced executive, a newly minted executive or an emerging leader, writing your own executive resume is challenging.

I mean, how do you condense everything you have done into 2 or 3 pages?

For your benefit, I have compiled my most popular and top 10 executive resume writing articles from over the years.

Executive resume writing best practices

No-one else can be you, you are the product and the resume is the tool that is selling your benefits, values and distinctive features to recruiters and employers.


Still using outdated executive resume strategies?

Your resume is a career marketing tool and should be developed with a clear target audience in mind; your professional resume should be marketed through the most effective channels to reach that audience or else your resume is simply useless.


Is your resume summary appetizing?

If only the top third of your resume is displayed on a mini screen, can your resume still effectively sell you? The answer is yes, if you have developed a strong, branded profile on the top portion of your executive resume.


Keep the accomplishments, lose the ego

Think of today’s executive resume as the “Cliff Notes” for your career story – tell it quickly, tell it concisely, and tell it accurately.

Fewer words on your executive resume does not mean that you have less to offer or that you are less qualified, it is the QUALITY and not the QUANTITY of your resume’s content that matters.


Create a winning resume after career shifts

If possible, keep your executive experience in chronological order, but only emphasize the relevant aspects of your work (job tasks and achievements) suitable for your target positions.

Keep in mind that it’s quite acceptable to leave out unrelated tasks or responsibilities.


Creating powerful achievement statements

Like anything else, there are good career achievements and there are outstanding “wow” career achievements.

Without exaggeration or lies, how you present your career achievements on your resume can make a huge difference is how you are perceived by employers and recruiters.


Why it’s essential to customize your resume

There are certain resume standards and resume writing best practices that make sense in any career situation.

However, the executive resume is a living document and your resume should accurately reflect what has happened in your career. More importantly, it’s your strategic marketing document and compelling career story.


Five reasons, your executive resume is failing you

You are convinced that a one-size resume will work, so you cram your marketing, accounting and public relations experiences into one document , leaving employers very confused.

Your executive resume is a strategic, branded marketing document that must “sell” you effectively.

Make sure your executive resume convinces hiring managers that you are the right person for the job.


Your executive resume are key brand snippets

If landing a senior-level position is still on your wish list, you may want to consider using a networking resume to accelerate your relationship building, networking and collaboration activities.

First start by creating a preferred list of high-profile individuals or top industry professionals you want to meet;.

Prioritize your party hopping activities and show up prepared to make a strong impact and follow up accordingly.


Ready to work with an executive resume writer?

Retain Abby Locke, one of the top 10 and top rated executive resume writers serving clients across the US and around the globe.

What I offer my clients is unique because I deliver a comprehensive, holistic approach to career marketing and personal branding.

I do more than create a new executive resume (though it’s a tangible outcomes), but I help my clients to:

  • Gain understanding of their signature brand strengths
  • Identify and closely connect with their personality traits
  • Recall and chronicle career-defining accomplishments
  • Better articulate their value proposition to employers

You get ALL of that on top of distinctive, hard-hitting and compelling executive and leadership resumes!

My value proposition to you:

* DISTINCTIVE resumes and career documents for CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CFO, EVP, VP and emerging leaders.

* PROPRIETARY BRANDING system using archetypes to identify signature brand strengths and value to employers

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