Is Your Resume Appetizer Filling Enough?

Well, whether you are elated over last night’s results or harboring disappointment, there is definitely a different feeling in the air today across America.

For me, I am energized, focused and ready to go, not just because President Obama has been re-elected, but because of a new regiment I am following..just call me the green smoothie queen.

After salivating for months, I purchased the popular Vitamix blender and my life has changed.

For the past few days, the first thing I have in the morning is a green smoothie. Who knew that kale, spinach or anything green, when blended with fruit, would not only taste good, but be good for you.

Often, the first thing we eat or drink in the morning helps to set the tone and pace for our day.

Guess what? The same principle applies to your executive resume.

  • What is the first thing that executive recruiters and employers learn about you from the top portion?
  • How compelling is your executive resume profile?
  • If only the top-third of resume is read, is it enough to land you an interview?

It’s no secret that times have changed – anything from an iPad and iPhone to Blackberry and mini computers are being used to support a mobile work/lifestyle. So picture this.

You spent hours crafting a standout resume and e-mailed it to a recruiter or hiring manager and he/she ends up viewing it on a handheld device.

Ooops…what does the resume look like? Does it have the same effect as on paper?

If only the top third of your resume is displayed on a mini screen, can your resume still effectively sell you?

The answer is yes, if you have developed a strong, branded profile on the top portion of your executive resume.

Key strategies when developing your resume profile:

  • Determine how you want to be perceived and start building upon that perception.
  • Combine key bits of information like a title header, personal branding statement, unique selling proposition, areas of expertise, industry preferences, job targets, top career achievements, degree from a top university to create a comprehensive profile.
  • Support your title header with evidence of top performance and achievements from your entire career – highlight consistent trend of contributions.

Here are a few examples to get your creativity flowing.

Senior Vice President / Vice President
“I deliver growth for companies every time.” Accurately forecasting industry trends and consumer interests that allow companies to exceed revenue projections, maximize ROI performance, achieve strong profitability and realize significant market growth.

Nonprofits & Philanthropic Organizations with Focus on Mental Health, Children and Education
Visionary Strategy…Innovative Thought Leadership…Collaborative Management Style…

Supply Chain Management • Planning & Inventory Management • Logistics • Systems Implementation
Startup, Turnaround & High-Growth Companies — High-Tech & Manufacturing Industries
Domestic & International Markets

Try pulling up your executive resume on your smart phone…are you impressed?

Executive Sales Resume Sample