Networking Resume: Your 30-Second Brand Snippet

November 2015 is here and while we are still a few weeks away from Thanksgiving Day, there are clear signs that holiday season is well on its way.

Before you know it, your calendar will most likely be filled with invitations to personal and professional networking events and parties over the next 8 weeks.

If landing a senior-level position is still on your wish list, you may want to consider using a networking resume to accelerate your relationship building, networking and collaboration activities.

First start by creating a preferred list of high-profile individuals or top industry professionals you want to meet; prioritize your party hopping activities and show up prepared to make a strong impact and follow up accordingly.

In addition to the normal exchange of business cards, distinguish yourself from the crowd this year by sending out a networking resume as part of your follow up strategy.

A networking resume is an innovative one-page document with a quick snapshot of your career milestones, personal qualifications and job targets.

Key Components of a Networking Resume:

Title Header:

A branded title header prominently placed at the top of your resume (below your personal information) lets your contacts know who you are and the value you bring to any organization. For example:

International Businesses – High-Growth Companies – Consulting

Raising the standards for organizational leadership and executive management

Executive Summary:

Use a brief executive summary to give readers an overview of your career path, years of experience and touch upon your career-defining achievements. For professional and personal contacts who are reviewing your resume for the first time, this section provides them with talking points they can use when referring you to someone else.

An executive summary for a sales director may look like this:

Wealth of experience in capturing new sales and business opportunities, revitalizing stalled business territories and outpacing aggressive sales goals. Reputation for devising business solutions that take companies to breakthrough sales, operational and market success-catapulted revenues from $5M to $35m in 2 years. Track record of assembling top teams and re-engineering under-performing teams to reach dramatic individual and corporate goals- successfully groomed 5 employees into key management roles.

Core Competencies:

Incorporate a section for core competencies and areas of expertise allows readers to evaluate at first glance your industry strengths and management capabilities. Using either a two or three-column table or simply listing keywords in a neat format allows this section to stand out in the resume. Below is a sample of core competencies for non-profit executive:

Executive Liaison Affairs / Corporate Sponsorships / Government Relations
Budget Management / Brand Marketing & Media / Human Resource Management
Strategic Planning & Vision / Advocacy & Outreach / Technology Planning 
Training Programs / Contract Negotiations / Staff Coaching / Policy Creation

Target Positions & Industries:

Use this section of the resume to indicate the job titles for the types of positions you are seeking and the industries you would like to work in. For example:

Positions: Executive Vice President / Senior Vice President / Director
Focus Areas: Sales, Marketing and New Business Development
Industries: Financial Services / High Technology / Manufacturing

Career History & Performance Milestones:

Simply list your employment history and touch up on at least one (you can use more) high-impact achievement realized throughout your career. Because the document is limited to one page, this portion will be brief and concise.

Keep in mind that the networking resume is not intended to replace your executive resume (which can be two to three pages long depending on your experience), however, it can be effectively used as part of a structured networking plan.

When an initial request about your career goals and job history comes about, make a great first impression with your executive brand through a networking resume. If your experience and qualifications spark a deeper interest with the recipient, follow-up with a more comprehensive resume and value proposition letter.

Happy networking!

Executive Sales Resume Sample