Self-Reflecting Questions to Help You Get Unstuck

Being stuck in your life or your career can feel like being in a dark hole.

You want to climb out, but you can’t see anything or anywhere to help you escape. You can feel overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and confusion.

The world seems to keep speeding along while you stay exactly in the same place, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You really want to get out of your current situation and change your future, but you are bound by stagnation and lack of motivation.

Maybe it’s time to start asking some hard, soul-searching questions that when answered, you would get the impetus to move forward.

1. Are my expectations realistic?

Re-examine your expectations and remember that you can’t do everything perfectly.

It is normal to feel disappointed when you don’t meet your goals or things don’t turn out like you planned, but avoid beating yourself up.

Don’t steal your joy by comparing yourself to others and thinking that you’re not good enough. The depressed state that can follow will keep you stuck in a mental rut.

2. Am I clear on my goals?

Living without a purpose is one of the quickest ways to find yourself in a rut.

You can’t do anything if you have no sense of direction or purpose. Even if you feel stuck, you have an opportunity to pick yourself up.

  • Put up a vision board.

Pin pictures and words of things you find beautiful and inspiring on the vision board.

  • Make brief notes of goals you want to accomplish.

They can be big or small, but writing down your goals make them tangible and reachable.

3. Am I really committed to self improvement?

Are you stuck because you are making no effort to expand your knowledge? Is there a skill you can learn?

Think about this, time is your most valuable asset. Think for a second about the number of hours you spend on social media platforms or binge watching television.

Now imagine using that time to spend reading something you enjoy, learning a skill or a starting a hobby.

Pick one thing to do to improve yourself, stick with it for at least 30 days and then measure your progress.

4. Are my friends and circle of influence motivating me?

Do you choose your friends carefully? Whether in-person or virtually, the people we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our lives, our growth and ultimately our success.

Expand your circle of friends by aligning yourself with like-minded and motivated people who want to achieve similar life and career goals.

5. Am I frequently stepping outside of my comfort zone?

When was the last time you did something you found fascinating or different?

Sometimes it helps to get away from the normal routine and change your environment for a day or two.

Usually, we may feel stuck because we are too comfortable with where we are physically in life.

  • You want a new job? Apply.
  • You want a relationship? Get out there.
  • You want to travel? Go.

If you can’t afford to go away or have the time, do something you wouldn’t normally do or something spontaneous. It helps to spice things up and get you out of your daily routine.

6. Am I regularly expressing gratitude?

Gratitude lists can help us to appreciate what we have now even as we strive for better things.

Tiny spots of light that brighten a dark hole, so go ahead and recognize and appreciate those bright moments.

Remember, just because you feel trapped doesn’t mean that is your reality.

You are in control of your life so take whatever actions you can right now to find what you truly want in life.