Building Your Self Confidence in a Highly Critical World

Self confidence in a highly critical world

Everyone has an opinion about something these days and if you are not careful, your self confidence and self esteem can take a hard beating.

Regardless of your professional level or success to date, it’s easy to fall into the comparison game and wonder if you really measure up to your peers and colleagues.

  • Have you ever wished you had your mentor’s confidence?
  • Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to strong self confidence?
  • Have you ever believed that building confidence is easier for others?

Well, self confidence is not something that is preserved for a chosen few. If you want to be more confident about yourself and what have to offer, be intentional with a self improvement plan.

Learn and Improve

If you want to build confidence, get better at something.

Put your energy into building your expertise in a certain area that you are interested in…considering honing in on your strengths and your talents.

No matter where your interests may lie, you can become an expert. The more you do something the better you get at it.

It’s just that simple, but often taking the first step is the most difficult one.

Keep practicing and improving – set personal challenges and stretch goals to achieve and your self confidence will increase over time.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

We don’t live in a perfect world so don’t try to create one in your personal life.

We all make mistakes, there are lessons to learn and we leverage new wisdom to move forward again.

You set yourself up for failure if you believe that avoiding mistakes is the way to success.

Think of them as learning opportunities, then every mistake becomes evidence of something new that you tried…see the difference?

Always Believe in You

Be comfortable in your own skin, your own life and your own journey.

In this world of social media and filters, it’s easy to believe that your life doesn’t measure up to others.

But at the end of the day, what really matters is that you are authentic and content with you. Embrace your strengths, accept your limitations and work on overcoming your weaknesses.

Remember that only you have the power to change your destiny.

Avoid Negativity

What lens are you using as you navigate life? Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

If you believe and expect the worst in your personal and professional lives, that’s what you will experience every time.

Shift your perspective, start a gratitude journal and be deliberate about finding the positives in every situation.