Wonder If You are Heading in the Right Direction?

It’s not uncommon to question whether your life is headed in the right direction when things aren’t going well.

A life without direction can feel like a ship without a rudder. If rudderless ships can go in circles, then who’s to say people won’t experience the same feeling and perspective?

But whether you’re steering a little or a lot in life, there are some key factors that indicate you on the right track.

How can you tell your life is in the right direction? Here are five signs:

1. Things fall in place for you.

When you’re going in the right direction, it seems as if the universe is sending you everything you need to get to your destination.

  • People come into your life at just the right moment and perfect opportunities come your way frequently.

Sometimes, these coincidences even look kind of magical.

2. Things from your past no longer bother you.

Significant, unexpected life changes can often derail our dreams.

Losing a job or breaking off a relationship can be enough to make us feel like we’ve made the worst mistakes of our lives.

  • But when you’re heading in the right direction in life, the past doesn’t bother you anymore. You may even feel like messes you made were all worth it.
  • Things that used to interfere with your life don’t matter anymore and former grudges are now painless.

3. You don’t let life setbacks deter you.

You bounce back quickly from failure or rejection. You keep going, even when it seems like everyone else has given up.

  • You recognize that life will have its ups and downs. The difference is that now, you don’t get tied down with the emotional turmoil of setbacks.

Instead, you learn from setbacks and challenges and forge ahead to good times.

4. You are unbothered by what other people say.

When you’re on the right track, you don’t seek others’ approval and you don’t strive for others’ confirmation validate your actions.

  • You may allow feedback from others, but you’re not overly interested in their opinions and preferences.
  • You are more invested in what you works and feels right to you; more importantly, you’re confident in your personal choices and decisions.

You are likely to take more risks and adopt more unconventional approaches to pursue your dreams. You strive to be deliberate in your pursuit of success instead of simply reacting to the circumstances in your life.

5. You are focused on building instead of dismantling.

When your life is in the right direction, you are more intentional about your purpose.

  • You dream bigger and bolder, pursuing those dreams with more enthusiasm and commitment.
  • You are more comfortable acknowledging your failure and figuring out how to bounce back on your feet.

Often when people make significant life changes, they can be impatient about their growth and feel like their success is taking too long.

But when you’re on the right track, you don’t second-guess yourself. You simply plow forward, focused on what’s in front of you and push through to your goals.

You recognize that it’s the pursuit of your purpose—not your perfection—that matters most.