New Season, New Career Strategies

New Season, New Career Strategies | Premier Writing Solutions

Well, it looks like Facebook changed the format and layout of our profiles yet again! The evolving and continuous changes in Facebook closely mirrors life, huh?

It challenges us to not get too attached or too comfortable to what’s familiar and it certainly teaches us that what’s here today can be gone tomorrow – much like the world of work and careers.

Just when you think you have figured out what it takes to be a successful executive the rules of the games have changed.

So as Spring pushes it head through to meet us, I thought it is appropriate to pause and re-cap a few tried-and-true career success strategies:

  1. Be a confident, assertive and non-pushy sales person for your career: Why Career Modesty Doesn’t Work
  2. Use the executive resume to enhance your sales pitch, but know it cannot perform magic tricks: Executive Resumes Are Tools, Not Magic Bullets
  3. Accept that no two job searches are the same, be prepared to try different strategies and be willing to shift gears as needed: Job Search: What’s the magic number
  4. Embrace social media and online communications tools they are not going anywhere, so get with the program: Are You Still Afraid of Social Media
  5. Don’t get caught speechless, effective career management means you have to be comfortable “selling” yourself in any scenario at any time: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
  6. Determine if it’s really time to move on and evaluate your options for a brand new career, not just a new job: Are You Ready for A Career Change
  7. Evaluate whether you have just hit a low point or whether it’s really time to look for a new job: 8 Reasons Not to Leave Your Job
  8. Practicing privacy online is fine, but being invisible online will hurt your career success: What’s Your Online Brand Saying
  9. Realize that while you are in control of your career destiny, you can reach the mountain top alone: Don’t Keep Talking to Career Clones
  10. Recognize that sometimes the only thing that’s wrong in your career is you – determine if you in the right place that fits with your personal values and interests: MBTI – A Secret Weapon for Career Success

What’s changing in your career world?