What’s Your Online Brand Saying

What's Your Online Brand Saying | Premier Writing Solutions

In a very popular article, 5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years by Dan Schwabel, he gave valid reasons why personal/professional profiles on social media networks will replace the traditional resume.

You may look fantastic and impressive on paper, but potential employers, hiring managers, and recruiters are eager to see what is behind the scenes.

More than 85% with conduct online research to get the real scoop on you, learn more about what you have to offer and carefully read others’ comments on your abilities and past performance.

Have you every tried this exercise? “Google” yourself and evaluate the results that come up – is information accurate, does it fit your personal brand, is it positive and does it reflect you in a good light?

CAREER WARNING: If you are invisible online, you are also invisible to employers, recruiters and your dream job. 

Having a strong online presence is simply essential in today’s job search and overall career management, you should manage your career like entrepreneurs manage their businesses.

Don’t get left in the dark, here a few tips for improving your personal online presence.

a) Put your business online

Serious about job search and career success? Get branded online profiles like LinkedIn, Zoominfo, Ziggs, Google and Jigsaw etc. It’s important that your profiles have real substance – provide hard-hitting content about your job roles, business challenges, and top career contributions.

As you expand your connections, don’t forget to solicit recommendations or third-party testimonials from former bosses and colleagues.

b) Don’t shy away for a personal website or portfolio

Allow employers and recruiters to review your career background, peek at your resume, career biography, case studies and leadership highlights.

Use Google to purchase a URL in your name and experiment with VisualCV.com for a quick, easy-to-build online portfolio.

c) Get others talking and create a following

Find your writing voice through articles or brief columns, submit your work frequently to free websites like selfgrowth.com, ezinearticles.com and articlestreet.com.

Leverage every opportunity to share your industry expertise and use a signature byline (like the one I have below) that links back to your personal website, VisualCV or LinkedIn profile.

d) Add your 2 cents

Every online social networking site offers targeted groups and forums; get comfortable with openly sharing your opinion and advice on industry trends; engage colleagues and solicit meaningful discussions with active group members.

What can you do today to improve and increase your online brand?