Job Search: Casting A Wide Net Gets You Nowhere

Job Search: Casting A Wide Net Gets You Nowhere

Imagine for a second going into the supermarket and trying to select a salad dressing – you would be overwhelmed by the large number of varieties and options available to you.

What if you decided to look for a balsamic salad dressing, now you are starting to focus on a specific variety; you will still have an overwhelming inventory to consider, but at least you know which ones to ignore and eliminate.

Let’s take it a step further and assume you want sugar-free balsamic salad dressing, now you are limited to a few brands within that option.

Push it further and decide on sugar-free, organic balsamic salad dressing…now you are laser-focused, only a few brands can fit that criteria and you know what to ask for and look for at that supermarket and any grocery store.

Clearly, I am no longer talking about salad dressing anymore, right?

It’s very tempting to keep your options wide, open and far-reaching when launching a job search.

However, while it may bring tons of companies ranging from different industries, your job search will get you confused, overwhelmed and send very conflicting messages about your brand and qualifications to potential employers and recruiters.

Stay in it for the long run on your job search – change course or even targets if you need to, but don’t start off casting a wide net, you get seaweed not fishes and certainly not jobs.