Executive Job Search: 5 Steps To Getting Re-Charged

recharging-job-searchWow…how did we get to the month of the September? I swear, it was just March and I was busy planning my father’s 80th birthday party..while I hate to see the summer go, fall is still one of my favorite seasons.

In today’s article, I want to address some of the challenges and emotional struggles that come with any executive job search.

The majority of the executives I work with are very driven, have built successful careers and have always been pursued by companies for key leadership roles.

When they reach out to me for career coaching and career development support, they are concerned and anxious because their success rate is low and they are not sure what to do next.

In addition, they are wondering why they keep hitting a roadblock. Is it the wrong resume, too many years at one company, age or other employment barriers that might be hampering their job search? It’s hard to go from being sought after to feeling ignored in your executive job search.

Boy, do I wish I had a simple answer in a nutshell that would take all the issues away. However, so much has changed in our world; from technology and offshoring to economic instability and excess supply of talented executives, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose focus in an executive job search.

Well, no need to focus on the doom and gloom, the important message I want to share is how to get back on track.

  1. Pay attention to the resume revolution and don’t get left behind (Join the resume revolution)
  1. Don’t jump on the bandwagon without knowing your destination (Have you set your job search GPS?)
  1. Know your personal brand and don’t let someone else define you (It’s my brand, not yours)
  1. Understand what your target companies need – don’t over-depend on your qualifications alone (What’s your success theme?)
  1. Get prepared to show proof in executive interviews (Show me your value)

Have you identified where you are stuck in the process? What steps can you take today to get moving again?