“When you decide to stop paying small, your life and your world begins to evolve” – Abby Locke


Isn’t it time to enthused, excited and engaged about your career or your life again?

The corporate, consulting and entrepreneur world can be a real roller coaster!

As a global executive career coach, I understand the nuances of the ever changing world of work.

More importantly, I know what it takes to move forward and keep moving forward.

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How, why and where you are stuck in your career?

That is not always an easy question to answer.

After all, if you knew, you would fix it, right?

Whether you want to identify new career options, attract better job offers or get better at promoting yourself, I can help you get back on track.

My executive and career coaching programs are designed to help you:

  • increase your internal power, confidence, authority and fulfillment
  • step fully into your passions, talents and self-mastery in the workplace
  • discover new and exciting options for career change and growth
  • create a more meaningful career that meets your professional goals
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Executive Coaching Program for Women

This program gets you to the heart of who you are and the unique brilliance you bring to any employer

We will address the “hidden” barriers and professional challenges that many women face today.

Examples of the areas we will cover include:

  • Getting positioned for high-profile work opportunities or internal promotions
  • Building more supportive work relationships and internal advocates
  • Improving leadership presence and communicating with power and confidence

(See prices and program options below)

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Career Momentum Coaching Program

This program helps you re-imagine, re-package and re-position yourself for long-term career success

We will work to unlock the career that is in sync with your passion, skills, strengths and interests.

Examples of the areas we will cover include:

  • Deciding whether to stay or leave your job with current employer
  • Determining if you need a new job or entirely new career
  • Exploring how you can move to the next level or more challenging roles
  • Identifying what has gone wrong with your current career situation

(See prices and program options below)

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Inner Breakthrough Coaching Program

This program takes you on a personal “dig-deep” journey to overall life success

We will evaluate personal, family and relationships issues that are blocking your growth

Examples of the areas we will cover include:

  • Discussing what your bigger impact and legacy will be in this world
  • Figuring out retirement and second career options so you can transition smoothly
  • Identifying your spiritual gifts and how to use them effectively in your life and career
  • Acknowledging significant milestones and comparing them to unfinished “bucket” goals

(See prices and program options below)

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Prices & Coaching Program Lengths:

The Tune Up:

  • You get 5 individual coaching sessions – Investment: $995 

The Elevation:

  • You get half VIP day with plus 10 coaching sessions over 3-month period – Investment: $3,500 

The Transformation:

  • You get full VIP day plus 15 sessions over 6-month period – Investment: $6,500 

What You Get:

  • Initial behavioral and branding assessments
  • Extensive personal and professional diagnostic questionnaire
  • Personal reflection and goal setting journal (3-month and 6-month coaching programs)
  • 45 to 60-minute coaching sessions (phone / Skype / in-person)
  • Access to proprietary coaching tools, templates, checklists and assessments like Strengths Finder, DISC, Skills Interest Inventory, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Values.
  • Unwavering support, guidance, accountability and mentoring

Wish you were happier in your job, career or life? Let’s talk!

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