Job Search GPS – Wonderland Not Allowed

Job Search GPS - Wonderland Not Allowed | Premier Writing Solutions

If you do not map out a job search strategy plan, your best intentions can fail you miserably.

In my world, the summer is just getting started – nice fantasy, right? You see, I have been working so hard since June that I was really puzzled when everyone around kept talking about the end of summer. So I will hold onto my own version of summer in my mind…sigh.

Well, ideas are great, visions are inspiring, but without goals and a strategy for success, we can all remain like me…in Wonderland. However, when you are engaged in a serious job search, it takes more than visions to make the outcome a success.

  • Does your idea of a good job search mean trying every strategy and tactic available to you?
  • Are you  finding that some job search strategies are just not working?
  • Has your enthusiasm for finding a new executive job waned over time?

No surprise here. If you did not map out a job search strategy plan, your best intentions can fail you miserably. So what are some things you consider before developing your job search strategy plan?

  • What is your job target or ideal new leadership position?
  • Are you seeking a career advancement, lateral or bridge job opportunity?
  • What kind of companies are you interested in?
  • Where do you want to work in terms of geographic location? Would you consider working overseas?
  • What are your salary and compensation requirements? Can you accept the same or lower salary if needed?
  • Can a series of consulting engagements and contracts help you achieve your career goals?
  • Are you fully qualified for the positions you are targeting? Do you need a job that will provide you with training?
  • Are you being pursued for opportunities that don’t match your immediate career and job search goals?
  • Have you been a job search for more than six months, but with no real prospects?

Hmm…look at all those questions…and you thought that a good job search just meant that you were sending out resumes everyday.