Career Tips Tuesday – The Anatomy of the Resume

Career Tips Tuesday – The Anatomy of the Resume

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I am still smiling from the activities of a great family reunion this weekend – nothing like getting together with family and learning more about your heritage.

On a recent call with a client, she was asking about the importance of old career information on a resume, so I thought that it would be a great topics for this week’s hot career tips.

Whether you are in the middle of a job, heading out to an informational interview or competing for an internal promotion, your career marketing document or professional resume has to stand out.

So here are some key resume strategies and sound resume advice that will bring you success, time and time again:

Have an appetizing resume summary

Just like how food appetizers get you excited about the meal to follow, create a strong, attention-getting resume summary that gets employers and recruiters excited about you, your career background and your abilities.

Do not overstuff your professional resume

Remember the awful, bloated feeling you got the last time you ate too much? Don’t overwhelm or turn off employers by cramming too much career information (relevant or irrelevant) on your professional resume. Your mother was right – less is more:)

It a resume, not a magic hat

Your professional resume is a career marketing document that summarizes your value proposition, career experience and career contributions, but you have to use it effectively to get results.

Resume must answer these questions

What you put into the resume is what you get out of it. If you have not thought about the employers’ needs, don’t know what you bring to the table or think being modest will get you an interview, you are very wrong!

Have a great resume, but be realistic

Wouldn’t it be great if everything came with a guarantee? No worry about failure, delay or mistakes? However, we know life doesn’t work like that, so understand how to be confident, but realistic about your resume.