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Breakthrough Success – Career Coaching Services

Are You Finally Ready for a Breakthrough?

  • Need a burst of inspiration, motivation and guidance to move your career forward?
  • Have a big opportunity (promotion, interview) and need getting ready?
  • Want strategic advice in making the best career decisions?

When you need an answer and you need it fast, my coaching sessions are for you.

This is an accelerated coaching session if you would like to receive guidance on any aspect of your career.

I Can Assist You With Your Unique Career & Job Search Needs:

A) Struggling to land a job offer and not sure what you’re doing wrong?

  • I will help you pinpoint where your job search tactics are failing you
  • I will walk you through standard and contemporary job search activities (including pros and cons)
  • I will provide you with clear action steps and a strategic plan for getting more interviews

You’ll walk away with greater clarity on your strengths, what you need to do next and and a blueprint on how to do it

B) Unhappy with executive resume, but confused about how to improve it?

  • I will take deep dive analysis of your existing resume and provide detailed feedback
  • I will provide guidance on executive resume formats, resume content, accomplishment statements and more
  • I will give you tried-and-true resume templates and a list of action verbs to enhance your executive resume

You’ll walk away feeling more confident and motivated about your new executive resume and career marketing messages

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C) Disappointed with your interview results, but not sure how to improve?

  • I will do a mock interview session with you and provide feedback on your interview responses
  • I will show you how to increase impact in interviews by using C.A.R success stories
  • I will give a comprehensive interview guide on common, behavioral and difficult interview questions

You’ll walk away with the ability to articulate your professional value effectively and less anxiety about interview 

D) Frustrated where you are, but lacking clarity about what’s next in your career?

  • I will use Strong Interest Inventory Assessment to help you identify a career field that aligns with your interests.
  • I will help you determine if you need a new job, a new career or a new employer
  • I will help you explore if it’s time to advance to next level or make a lateral move

You’ll walk away being better equipped (tools and mindset) to reposition yourself for long-term career success

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What is the Breakthrough Success Session?

It is a 2-hour, “raise the bar” session with me, Abby Locke.

We will get to heart of the matter, identify where you are stuck and design a customized solution for immediate success.

Remember today’s economy is unpredictable and unstable to say the least.

Whether you are gainfully employed, recently laid off or concerned about job stability, this Breakthrough Success Session can help you.

Reach out to me today so you can

  • Cut through the intense job market competition
  • Rise faster and successfully in your executive / leadership career
  • Be among the top picks for employers and recruiters
  • Leave memorable impressions in job and informational interviews

Just 2 hours is all it takes to get you moving in the right direction.

Investment: $495 (Telephone / Zoom / Teams)

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