Your Executive Resume Should Answer These Questions

Your Executive Resume Should Answer These Questions | Premier Writing Solutions

Your executive is your career story to share with others

resume-revolution1Are you frustrated with your job search?

I mean really over it.

You doing everything you know to break into a new career or new job and nothing is happening.

Sure there is LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to give your networking efforts a real boost, but a successful job search starts with a successful resume.

Picture this for a moment.

You are the right fit for the job and you need to let employers and recruiters get the same impression.

Review your executive resume carefully and make sure it lives up to your target company’s expectations.

Always keep in mind that your professional resume is a career marketing document.

Your resume is both a strategic and an informational document.

Your resume should tell an exciting, compelling and concise story about your career and related achievements.

The selling of yourself and self-promotion starts from the executive resume first and then continues through out the networking, interviewing and negotiation process.


If your resume is heavy on job tasks, but light on “wow” achievements, you are getting nowhere.

Your professional resume should cover the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of your career journey.


If your resume answers these questions, you are off to a great start:

  • What assets (skills, expertise, knowledge) can you offer employers?
  • Why should you be picked above other qualified candidates?
  • Have you earned special recognition awards or accolades for outstanding work?
  • Why were you recruited or promoted for each of the positions you held?
  • Was specific challenge, business problem or market issue have your consistently solved?
  • What are your top three accomplishments for each position?
  • How have companies benefitted from having you as an employee?
  • What recommendations or solutions did you make that your company adopted?
  • What were the biggest business hurdles you overcame at each position?

Make sure that your executive resume is strategic, not just pretty.