Executive Resumes: Can They Guarantee A Job?

Executive Resumes: Can They Guarantee A Job? | Premier Writing Solutions

I love my job! So I work very hard to provide my clients with an eye-opening view of their strengths, unique value proposition, and career-defining achievements that often get overlooked in the resume development process. When a client says “Wow, this is me…I just didn’t know how to say it before“, I am happy and everyone wins!

So imagine, my “deer-in-the-headlights-look” when a prospective client asked “Does this service come with any guarantees?”

Huh? It is always an interesting question to me because as an executive career marketing strategist what guarantees can I really offer you? It is a fair question, but an interesting one to me nevertheless.

An executive resume is strategic marketing document and an essential tool in the job search process. It’s primary goal is to get you interviews, invite inquiries and to generate excitement about what you can offer.

However, like any other resource or tool, if it is not used effectively or only used in moderation, the results will be dismal and disappointing. Consequently, I cannot offer guarantees because it suggests that I somehow have control over how you use the resume and further, it suggests I can control the economy, influence the interview and create new job offers. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could do those things, but think of what I offer as a tool, a “weapon”, a key, a critical resource.

I like to use this analogy – when you purchase a wok, can the manufacturer guarantee that you will turn out a gourmet, stir fry meal? Probably not:)

Okay, so you get my point, so what does come with my service? Well, the opportunity to really reflect upon your career growth; chronicle your milestones in the best light; identify personal strengths; sift through relevant information for your resume; and finally, the ability for a new makeover (online and offline) that will boost your confidence and increase your motivation.

Really, all of that? Yes, really…and you thought you were just getting an executive resume.

Beware of any career marketing company that offers guarantees of interviews or employment or access to the “hidden” job market with their services – they can provide the tools and teach you how to job search, but the rest is up to you.