What Does Job Searching And Journalism Have In Common

job searchThere is nothing like a great story and I swear that my mother is the best storyteller.

So whenever someone tells me a story, I like to get ALL the facts…I mean you have to tell me who, what, where, when, why and how before I can appreciate what is being told.

No good journalist would release a story without getting (and giving) all the facts and more importantly, getting (and giving) all the right facts.

Now compare that to an executive job search. When you are “selling” yourself to an employers, doesn’t it make sense that you give them (and get) all the facts, too?

WHO – Who are you? Who are you selling to?

WHERE – Where are your key contacts hanging out? Where should you go to connect with critical decision makers in your industry or market?

WHAT – What do you bring to the table? What solutions do you have to offer employers? What is your value proposition?

WHY – Why should an employer hire you? Why should a recruiter be interested in talking to you? Why are you different (hint: better) than colleagues with a similar background?

HOW – How can you support your claims? Do you have significant achievements or Challenge-Action-Results stories to “wow” employers?

WHEN – When are you going to launch your search? When is the right time for reaching your target companies?

Sometimes, it only takes a simple formula…yes, it’s that simple.