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Why Career Modesty Doesn’t Work

Just two evenings ago, I had a lively discussion with my sister and cousin about careers and the behaviors and strategies we employ as women that sometimes help us or hurt us in the long […]

Career Success Day 11: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Ok, why does being at home feel like punishment to me? My mother has made her fabulous, soft, yummy homemade bread and I cannot have any…I am trying to avoid gluten because my body does […]

Career Success Day 4: Pat Yourself On The Back

I am really busy getting my house in order…I like to get my house very organized and clean, get laundry done and create great energy and space before I head out of town…that way, I […]

Executive Careers: What’s Your Success Theme?

How do you stand out among pool of top, qualified job candidates? I had the pleasure of working with a new client today and as we went through the personal branding strategy session, I challenged […]