Resumes: Dinosaurs Should Not Dance Ballet

Resumes: Dinosaurs Should Not Dance Ballet

Resumes: Dinosaurs Should Not Dance BalletAs I sit on this Friday afternoon, writing this blog, the sunshine is coming through my windows and my spirit is singing “Spring is here!”

Am I the only one who gets giddy with season change? It seems like there are not going to be enough days for the things I want to do:)

Okay, so I agree that my blog title may have you scratching your head, but this hear me out and it will make sense. Why, why, why do you brilliant, talented and accomplished senior-level professionals and executives still believe that a lengthy, wordy, and weighty executive resume will get you anywhere in today’s heated job market?

There is no logic argument for wanting to keep your options open that you have to include everything on your resume since high school.

Consider this, you are an technology executive and your resume is “selling” in great detail what you accomplished more than 20 years ago.  Don’t see the problem?

  • Think about all the industry and market changes that have occurred – advanced technology, the Internet, global communications, mobile workforce, social media – that are being overshadowed on your resume. See what I mean?

In today’s competitive work environment, you have to “sell” aspects of your career experience, leadership strengths and performance contributions that are RELEVANT and RELATED to your target job.

It may be a time saver to create a master resume that covers your entire career and everything in between, but please don’t stress me out by using it as your main career marketing document.

Still not convinced, picture in your mind a dinosaur doing ballet. Not very graceful, probably scary looking, causing much damage and missing the mark….likewise, your six-page, twenty bullets-per-job executive resume is definitely missing the mark.