Executive Careers: Falling In Love Again

Executive Careers: Falling In Love Again | Premier Writing Solutions

in-love-with-careerIt’s a week and half away from Valentine’s day and everywhere you turn there is red…now, you can relax because Valentine’s day is not a day that I despise, I actually think it’s really sweet to express love to the special people in your life.

Now, I don’t believe it should be limited to just spouses or significant others – why not show love to your parents, children, friends…hey, show love to everyone…the world definitely needs it!

While you are on a loving streak, why not show your career some love?

So how do you really feel about your career?

  • Is it a new relationship like dating?
  • Has it been a few years like a strong marriage?
  • Has your interest become thin and worn like a separation?
  • Have you thrown in the towel and ready for a change like a divorce?

Okay, those analogies were a bit dramatic even for me (smile), but you get my point. There are several reasons and circumstances that impact how we feel about our careers, here is a list of old blog posts that addressed some key challenges in career success. Which one of these apply to you?

1) I am dating my career


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2) I am married to my career


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3) I have separated (emotionally) from my career


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4) I am ready to divorce my career


Return To Your First Love

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Which stage of the relationship are you in with your career? What are you willing to do to change it?