Key Elements of a Winning Resume

As a professional resume writer, coach and personal brand strategist I have seen thousands of resumes from highly qualified candidates spanning every industry.

From C-level corporate executives to mid-career professionals all over the country, it is my job to quickly get an understanding of who each person is – because research shows that recruiters or hiring managers only look at applications for 15 seconds!

Therefore when providing feedback on these resumes I focus on three basic guidelines; if followed they can drastically improve your chances in getting yourself noticed and receiving serious consideration.

Incorporate Your Personal Brand

Crafting the perfect resume is key to showing off your professional identity, and sets you apart from other applicants.

After all, it’s how you can demonstrate why you’re an ideal fit for a particular job or company culture.

Put in the extra effort to create a document that catches everyone’s attention – include clear examples of past successes and make sure everything is tailored towards what makes YOU special!

With this approach solidified into your resume, employers will be eagerly wanting to learn more about who’s behind such fantastic material.

Include a Compelling Intro

Your resume is your elevator pitch – make sure it reflects the professional you!

Showcase not only what skills and experience align with the role, but also how you can add something special to their corporate culture.

Don’t neglect its format either; create a precise yet persuasive document that packs in all of your career accomplishments so employers have no choice but to give you an interview!

Add Your Differentiating Value

Showcasing your value to a potential employer is absolutely essential in the recruitment process, and it’s not always easy!

Fortunately there are various methods of demonstrating your capabilities. Quantifying results with data [dollars saved or revenue gained] can be very effective or using recommendations from previous employers or awards earned for remarkable work.

Ultimately this will give hiring managers confidence that you possess the necessary credentials and achievements they need within their company – so don’t forget to get those numbers ready ahead of time!

Bring It All Together

When defining your resume, maximizing your personal brand and differentiating yourself can both give you the competitive edge to stand out from other job candidates.

Don’t forget to quantify successes that demonstrate how you will bring value-added benefits directly to an organization’s bottom line.

By taking control of these three elements in a powerful resume, it could lead to greater success in any job search endeavors.