Executive Job Search: The Silent Addiction No-One Talks About

job-searc-internet-addictionOk, so maybe this blog title is a bit “dramatic”, but it does address a very serious topic for job seekers. While technology keeps being innovative, creative and yes, addicting, we must not become a society that has lost touch with real human communication.

  • When was the last time you met someone face-to-face to discuss your career goals?
  • How did you connect with the last referral given to you? Email, text or phone?
  • Do you prefer to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or personal emails to get your career marketing message broadcasted?

Now, before I give contradicting messages, I recognize and respect the need for social media activities and the importance of being technology savvy as it’s the way we live today. However, do you have a healthy balance in how you are connecting with others in your executive job search?

If you are spending more than 5 hours a day primarily scouring the Internet, searching high-profile career sites and sending blind emails through social media tools, you are wasting a lot of valuable time?

Fact: More than 85% of high-paying executive and senior-level job opportunities never be posted, so think about all the great opportunities you are missing out on by chasing the wrong resources.

Even when a company or recruiting firm requires you to apply online, it still comes down to networking through people you know, new contacts, referrals and key decision makers you meet in informational interviews who all play a critical role in helping you land a new opportunity.

Does anyone ever get a new job by applying online? Of course, there is a 2-3% success rate, you will find people who used that strategy effectively, but do you really want to give yourself the short end?

My point is that you need to get moving. Leverage your Internet surfing time to company research and information gathering about  networking events, career conferences, and trade shows. Here are a few ideas about how and where you can maximize your time and energy:

– Executive networking events and workshops

– Breakfast and luncheon meetings through professional associations

– Volunteering with your favorite charity or local community group

– Participating in an online community or blog

– Becoming a member in a job search club or coaching circle

– Public speaking opportunities in your industry or marketplace