Why Confidence Works in Careers and in Life

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Almost all successes and attainments in life come from your ability to feel certain that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve.

Confidence is the gateway to success…to the life that you want and to the dreams that you desire.

With confidence, you can boldly progress towards your ambitions and aspirations. With confidence, you can rise up and handle life’s demands and challenges.

With confidence, you can tackle any hurdle and obstruction, and move on to the next step of your journey to fulfillment and achievement

Having confidence is the crux that allows you to achieve your true potential in whatever situation; in your relationships, your work or career, your finances and your self-image.

How about those times when you did not feel at the top of your game? Think back to a time in your life when you were unsure of yourself and not feeling powerful? How did you get past those feelings and limited beliefs?

I am sure that through support, positive self-talk, encouragement from others or even coaching from a mentor or career coach helped get you back on track.

With determination and focus, you developed the strength and fortitude to climb out of those circumstances, and took advantage of the opportunities and successes that lay ahead of you.

What if I told you that you can learn to have unlimited confidence? You can kick-start the engines of your brain by knowing and accepting that the fact that confidence can be an acquired process.

When your confidence increases, you can take a front row seat in mastering many areas of your life. You will find that you become more and more comfortable and confident in multiple areas, including:

  • Moving ahead in your career
  • Starting your own business
  • Embracing the risks of every day life
  • Refusing to be held back by fear
  • Creating circumstances rather than waiting for them
  • Smiling more and enjoying life
  • Dramatically improving your health

Successful and dynamic people have gained mastery on feeling courageous and confident.

As you become more confident, you abandon worry, hesitation and more importantly, you minimize fear.

In this new year coming up, learn to focus on your whole being, every part of you…your thoughts, your images, your emotions, and ultimately your behavior.

  • What areas of your life do you need to be more confident in?
  • What steps can you take to build up your confidence?
  • What subconscious, negative messages are you carrying that block you from success?
  • What truth is there to “why you can’t do it?”
  • Who can you turn to as a living example of walking in confidence daily?

We often give ourselves less credit than we should. Suppose that you can get that job. Think about how you will succeed in leading that new project.

Focus on how you can change your self-perception and change your life. Decide that you can advance to the next level of your career. Operate like you know you have the skills and experience to handle an executive role.

Start with the confidence and look for supporting facts and evidence in your life and career to reinforce those thoughts.

Bear in mind that as you focus on change, change does begin to happen. It is motivating and very rewarding to feel and see yourself growing, improving and becoming more confident every day.