Your Executive Resume Is Shrinking!

Once again, I find myself needed to get back on a serious health regimen. You know the kind…hitting the gym at least four times a week, not overindulging in heavy, late night meals and making sure that I am consuming very healthy meal.

Well, I am not there yet, but as I keep looking at older pictures of myself, I keep wanting have that body again and know I need to do the work to get the results…yes, I am in search of a “shrinking” body:)

This renewed focus on a healthy lifestyle reminded me about the dramatic physical changes the professional resume has gone through over the years…we can say that the resume has gone through a shrinking diet as well.

  • Remember when your resume was really a complete rehash of everything you have every done in your career?
  • Remember when you had to list every single job task and a LONG list often meant you were better qualified?
  • Remember when applying for a new job meant filling out lengthy applications and/or turning a four and five-page resume?

Well, fast forward to 2012 and we are in a different era and professional resumes are synonymous with quick, self-marketing calling cards. Employers, recruiters, and new contacts still want to learn about you, but you need to tell them in fewer words. No-one, I mean no-one has the time or energy to read five pages of resume content anymore.

Accept the fact that your career marketing messages must be in the most concise, targeted and memorable manner possible. Can you accomplish this? Yes, and here’s how it’s done.

  • Create a one or two-page resume, regardless of lengthy experience; slice and dice your resume into manageable, interesting bytes about you and your career story.
  • Give readers, a unique perspective on what you bring to the table with a one-page networking resume ideal; this document is another way to quickly sell yourself to recruiters and personal contacts.
  • Develop a branded LinkedIn profile with an attention-getting summary that is even more streamlined and targeted that your traditional executive resume.
  • Keep prospective employers engaged with distinctive networking business cards that highlight your name, your value proposition, and top areas of expertise.
  • Peak the interest of new referrals and recruiters with a jazzy, but professional email signature touts your personal brand
  • Enhance your “online” resume and career brand with a search-friendly bio and other content on Google profile, Plaxo, ZoomInfo and other professional online networks.
  • Don’t overlook the social media giants like Twitter and Facebook – use an author bio that links back to your online career portfolio or professional blog.

So as I enjoy the last bites of my healthy salad, my message to you is simply this – stop using a one-dimensional, long-winded career document to sell you – stand out and be discovered, one career byte at a time:)

Executive Career Bio Sample