What’s Your Brand Story?

brand storyWho doesn’t love a great story? From what we see on TV, read in books and magazines and observe in movies, the storytelling theme to make an impact, drive change or motivate action comes through time and time again.

We like stories so much that even fiction motivates us and pulls at our emotions.

Part of achieving personal and professional success is learning the art of great storytelling. Having the ability to tell your brand story in a multitude of ways to a lot to different segments of your target audience gives you competitive advantage.

Whether you are telling your brand story in a blog post, a book or a sales page, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process in order to be effective.

* Keep It Simple:

Most stories actually create themselves because they’re based on something that actually happened to you. Weave through your message and avoid adding too much detail or flowery words to your brand story. Simply tell it like it is, what it meant and why it’s important.

* Bring Others On Board:

Sometimes, letting others tell your brand story is an important way to change your message up a bit. For example, if you’re a life coach with a great story of what led you down that path, perhaps you also have a story from client or mentee you helped that will illuminate the tangible “why” in your story.

* Have a Reason for Telling the Story:

Do you want your readers and listeners to learn something, be inspire or take some action? There should always be an underlying reason and compelling “why” for sharing your brand story. Determine the core message that you want to get across to the people and make it crystal clear within your story.

* Don’t Get Stuck in Details:

When you are sharing your brand story, remember to focus on the memorable factors not every little detail. Share the highlights and critical aspects of your brand story and personal wins, but unless the way the sun felt on your face that day is important to the meaning of the story, you can leave it out:)

* Personalize Your Story:

Make sure that your voice and personality comes through in your brand story. Followers, fans, connections, ideal clients, whoever your target audience is, will respond favorably to a personal, “I’ve been there” story. Consider adding actual dialogue, quotes and even video clips to bring your story to life.

* Create More Than One Story:

There are many dimensions to you so don’t be afraid to have more than one brand story. The key is to not confuse your audience, but instead to leverage different media and communication platforms to give deeper insight to who you are…use various perspectives to tell and share the same brand message.

* Practice Makes Perfect:

Not only do you need to continually work on and practice your brand story (told in different ways, including different aspects of the story for different audiences).

Practice telling your story by reading great stories and watching great speeches by leaders, mentors and motivational speakers you admire in your industry. Hearing how they weave their brand story can give you ideas and inspiration for weaving yours.

* Be Consistent about Your Message:

Your brand story is yours. It’s personal and close to the hear, keep it consistent and out front with your audience through all communication channels – from in person conversation to your blog, your LinkedIn profile and your About Me page on your website.