Networking: Tweaking Your Social Media Strategy

Networking: Tweaking Your Social Media Strategy | Premier Writing Solutions

networking-for-successIt’s kinda hard to really be out of the loop these days..if I miss the breaking news or don’t get a chance to read a newspaper, I can simply log into one of my social media and get the facts.

When it comes to your executive career, popular social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have can be highly effective resources for networking, building a personal brand, and promoting yourself 24×7.

You never want to be the best kept secret in your industry, so let social media and your online connections do the advertising for you.

However, before you go clicking on the connect button, here are 3 things to keep in mind.

An incomplete profile in not inviting

If you are taking the plunge and sharing your career information to the public, fill out your profile(s) completely with strong focus on career achievements and professional success.

Don’t be a mystery – include an engaging biography that briefly covers your career background; add a professional headshot, and put in relevant links or other websites that support your expertise and demonstrate your professional skills. Keep in mind that you can often use the social media websites’ privacy filters to streamline what gets shown to the general public.

Social media networking is still networking

When you are about to connect with other professionals online, imagine the individual is standing in front on you.

  • How would you introduce yourself if he/she were in person?
  • What information would you share?
  • What questions would you ask?
  • How much initiation would you take to schedule a lunch or dinner meeting?

Use the same strategy for building online connections, be professional, be polite, be open-minded, be intelligent and more importantly, be patient. While social networking is a viable and valuable way to meet new colleagues, get referral and even secure clients, remember that relationships take time and they are usually a give-and-take process.

Digital footprints last forever

Pictures fade, jeans fade and even memories may fade, but the digital world has a lasting memory. Be cautious, but not paranoid about the information you share online; avoid strong opinions on politics and religion unless they are relevant to your career or calling. You don’t want an impulsive, emotional response to hurt your career and professional aspirations.