The Incredible Resume – It keeps living and giving

The Incredible Resume – It keeps living and giving

The Incredible Resume – It keeps living and givingWhether you are selling yourself online or offline, the executive resume is a vital, critical tool in your job search and executive career growth. When you are armed with a strong, compelling branded executive resume, you are positioned for ultimate success.

However, great resumes are not born overnight, they are created after deep self-assessment, data gathering on your target employers, defining your personal brand and extracting vital content for your resume, LinkedIn, and Google profiles.

A excellent resume will show…

– how you and your target employer/jobs are the right fit

– how your qualities, skills and expertise are in line with employers needs

– how your career-defining accomplishments indicate or nearly predict what you can do for your next employer

An excellent resume will become…

– a key reference and resource for interviewers to assess your background and determine your skills

– a guide for interviewers to further explore your career highlights and career success stories

– a visual brand profile that helps recruiters and employers determine whether you fit into their corporate culture and environment

– a negotiating tool for supports your salary requirements and helps you get paid your worth

– a master document for chronicling your career growth moves, tracking personal development changes and making sure you’re always prepared for the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of work.

Is your executive resume really working for you?