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Career Success Day 11: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Ok, why does being at home feel like punishment to me? My mother has made her fabulous, soft, yummy homemade bread and I cannot have any…I am trying to avoid gluten because my body does […]

Career Success Day 8: Invest In Yourself

At exactly 6:40 pm yesterday, I decided to take a quick, power nap before getting a few more items off my checklist..well, I think my body stirred about 4:39 am and I drifted off to […]

Career Success Day 4: Pat Yourself On The Back

I am really busy getting my house in order…I like to get my house very organized and clean, get laundry done and create great energy and space before I head out of town…that way, I […]

Career Success Day 3: Big Dreams Never Die

I have been downloading new books and movies on my Kindle Fire to enjoy during my mini Christmas break…as I mentioned yesterday, I will be working in between, but that the life as a soloprenuer…no […]

Career Success Day 2: Say Goodbye To Career Mistakes

I am literally counting down the days as if I am 2 years old…I spoke to my parents today and they are in frenzy of activities getting house decorated and in order for their children. […]

Career Success Day 1: Know Yourself

It’s December 12 and it’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year – no worries, I am not going to sing to you, but I do love the holiday season and as a Christian, […]

8 Reasons To Not Leave Your Job

We are in the month of December 2012…I cannot believe it. More importantly, I cannot believe that it’s December and close to 70 degrees in DC, of course I am not complaining, but just saying:) […]

What’s Your Career Worth?

I recently worked with a very talented marketing professional on your executive job search; while she was on the executive track within her company, but wanted to explore other opportunities and ensure she was making […]

Are You Waiting For Career Success?

Even in 2012, we continue to debate about the salary inequity between professional men and women doing the same or similar jobs. Now, this was hot topic during the election debates and will always be […]