Reinventing Yourself After a Sudden Layoff

Reinventing Yourself After a Sudden Layoff

Reinventing Yourself After a Sudden LayoffWhat happens when life shifts and you suddenly have to rethink your life, your career and everything in between.

Often, it’s is the phase of transition that we find new energy, new hope and new commitment for what is really important to us.

I always believe that there are many ways to approach, but in the end, deciding whether you will be inspired by change or stuck in the past is entirely under your control.

Here are a few ways that you can make a fresh start without having to start over.

Respect and honor your feelings…

You may be in shock, feel betrayed, feel angry, feel frustrated or confused…whatever it is know that’s natural, healthy and normal for the emotional roller coaster. Once you have allowed some time to “grieve” the loss or change, ask yourself “Now what?”

  • What feels like the right next steps?
  • Are you in position to take a break before finding new job?
  • Are you clear on your immediate professional goals?
  • Are you comfortable sharing the news with family/friends to get help?

Revisit your passions and values…

Many people see a job change or transition period as an opportunity to take time out and evaluate what’s important to them in a career. Take a week or so to consider what your next “ideal” job would look like and be very specific about what you value at this point in your life.

  • Have you always wanted to start your business to have independence and freedom?
  • Is having job security and steady income more important that career growth?
  • Are there jobs that would allow you to profit from your passion and unique gifts?
  • If money was not a concern, what would you start working on today?

Learn the power of “Yes”  

Instead of avoiding people and pushing everyone away, trying being open to advice, opportunities, introductions and connections being offered to you. Magnify the powerful expression of self-confidence by saying “yes” and watch as new doors start opening for you?

  • What key decision makers are already in your network that you overlooked?
  • What invitations can you accept this week to build your professional network?
  • Can you reach out to recruiters who were chasing you, but you weren’t ready?
  • Is it time to take that class you have been putting off?

Take a look at reframing your skills

Instead of starting something entirely new, you can start by building on what you already know/have done. If you are a CPA, consider what’s needed to transition into financial planning or see if you can take your love of teaching children to a career as a social worker.

  • What other industries can benefit from your experience and expertise?
  • What can you learn from mentors or leaders you admire who have changed careers?
  • Would you start fresh in a new career if it had greater growth opportunities?
  • Has any of your former colleagues ever suggested alternative career paths for you?

Find positive people to be on your support team

You’re not alone now and you don’t have to ever be alone. What you are facing now, others have faced before and survived. The key is staying connected to other people who are going to lift you up, encourage you to try new things, check on you and keep you moving forward. The reality is that whether you sit in sorrow and press through until you get results, the time still goes on.

  • Where do you want to be 3 months from now?
  • What obstacles or challenges are most pressing and who can you ask for help?
  • What resources and tools do you need to get the fastest results?
  • What are the top 3 things that need to go from your life now to avoid distractions?

We all handle change and transition differently…think about the last time you went through change and remember what and who were most instrumental in helping you land back on your feet. Take those lessons, apply them again and keep moving forward.


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