Personal Growth Resolutions You Can Achieve in Any Year

Are you feeling motivated to set some strong goals for this year?

After all, you should just be able to write down those New Year’s resolutions and get going, right?

Wrong! Most people write down lofty resolutions, but in the end, they rarely stick to them. Instead they lose motivation and focus within just 3 weeks of their “good intentions.”

This is a brand new year of limitless possibilities. Do you want to:

  • Increase your income?
  • Write a book?
  • Attract a relationship?
  • Start a new business?
  • Become a professional speaker?
  • Have more personal time?
  • Take a really great vacation?

We all start the new year with that “gut” feeling  that it’s to be a GREAT year and a BIG SUCCESS year. So, here’s what I suggest.

Forget writing down resolutions. Most times, they don’t work and in fact, the whole idea doesn’t really inspire much action.

So, let’s change our approach and strategy for the new year.

A) Start thinking about 3-5 things you want, really want for yourself this year.

Not what you should want, or what you think would please others.

  • Dream a little.
  • Think big. What are you passionate about?
  • Entertain several ideas that make you smile, excite you, make you giggle, make you feel really good inside, no holds barred.
  • Remove all mental barriers to holding these ideas clearly in your mind.

I recommend using statements that start with “I intend to” vs. “I want, I hope for, I wish to, I would like, I desire” or anything too wishy-washy or vague.

Taking a stand with strong definitive statements reflects your commitment to succeed.

B) Put your attention fully on one of the things you want for yourself this year.

Visualize and see yourself already there, living it! Creative visualization is a powerful tool of attraction. Our minds cannot tell the difference between something real and something intensely imagined.

=> Hold that picture in your mind every day.

=> Does this picture excite you enough to make you want to have it?

=> How would your life change if you got (achieved) this one thing you really want?

=> What would you have in your life that you don’t have now?

Break down your action steps into smaller milestones over shorter time period like 30 days. For example, if your goal is to increase your income, your first step may be to explore options to generate more money.

Another step may be to look at your skills and talents for further ideas. A third step may be choosing something you have always wanted to that has the potential for additional income.

Maybe it’s a career change, so the first month may be devoted to doing research and exploration.

C) Decide to go for it and choose what you really want NOW, not someday or tomorrow.

NOW. Say YES to yourself instead of saying no. Making the decision to say yes will fuel your intent to take action.

Identify any potential obstacles and mindset barriers that could prevent you from reaching your goals. Develop strategies to help you stay motivated and focused.

Whether it’s reading,  listening to positive messages, connecting with encouraging people, joining a mastermind group or hiring an executive / career coach.

Keep up your self-care. Taking good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are key factors to staying strong and focused at all times.

Remember to celebrate along the way as taking time to recognize your successes will keep you motivated for success.


“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.” Jim Rohn