Personal Branding: Find Your With These 5 Questions

personal brandingEveryone is buzzing about personal branding these days…it’s not unusual to hear questions like “what’s your brand?”, “have you identified your brand as yet?” or “what are your brand attributes?”

Well, it’ not all hype – personal branding, online identity, unique value proposition are all part of proactive career marketing strategies that can accelerate your job search and your career.

To give you a quick lesson in personal branding, I wanted to give you five questions that can help get your there?

  • Can you define your target market, in other words, what industries or professions are you focused on for new employment or career growth?
  • Do you know (through research or talking to others) what business challenges your industry is facing?
  • What do you have to offer that would help your target companies/industries overcome some of these business challenges?
  • What three top career achievements can you highlight that would convince employers you are worth your salary/investment?
  • How would your current/former boss and/or colleagues describe you?

If you take the time to really reflect and answer these questions, you will find very revealing information about yourself and your strengths that you may have overlooked.

Carve out some time – or even a few days and answer these questions thoroughly, even you will be highly impressed with what you discover:)

Remember, that – “being qualified”, “always gets the job done”, or “really hardworking” are generic, overused phrases that do nothing to differentiate you in a competitive job market.