Job Search Or Not, Networking Makes Sense

Job Search Or Not, Networking Makes Sense | Premier Writing Solutions

executive-networkingNetworking is one of the best habits you can have for long-term career success and overall career insurance.

If you are like me and don’t always enjoy the art of networking unless it a safe, social event, here are 10 reasons why you should get happy about every chance to network.

    1. Identify and uncover unadvertised jobs and finally conquer the “hidden” job market
    2. Get insider information and obtain names of company contacts
    3. Learn more about top executive recruiters and search firms in your industry/field
    4. Come up close and personal and have face-to-face conversations with potential employers
    5. Maximize your brand visibility and boost your professional reputation
    6. Increase your knowledge of employers who hired candidates with your background
    7. Stay abreast of industry changes and emerging trends that can impact your career
    8. Explore similar positions and careers to see if a new career is in the cards for you
    9. Ensure that your market salary range and compensation are competitive and within industry standards
    10. Meet other power networkers who may serve as referrals or valuable contacts in the future


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