Need a Reason to Stay? Here are 8

green pasturesHow many of you are like me…guilty of living in a town or city that gets flooded by tourists, but you never venture past the usual spots?

Today I visited a popular spot that I will not share because I am too embarrassed to share that it’s been right under my nose all along…I just checked it out:)

  • Could you be accused of doing the same thing when it comes to your career?
  • Are you really sure that leaving your current company is the best option for growing your career?
  • Have you thought through whether this is the right time to become a consultant/advisor?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nothing is wrong with making significant changes in your personal and professional goals…I did so many years ago and have not looked back.

However, what I was always good at doing was fully leveraging all my resources at every stage of my professional growth.

A lot of research has been done on why employees (especially professional women) are not happy at work and what factors influence their decision to leave their companies. Here are a few factors to consider if you are thinking about leaving your current job:

Your current role is the perfect fit for you:

While everyone is not destined for a management or a leadership role, do you feel like your company has placed you in the right role according to your strengths, skills, interests and competencies? If that’s not the case, don’t wait until performance review time to address your concerns and speak up for what you want.

Make sure you make a connection between the organization’s goals and how your skills and aspirations fit in the overall picture.

You feel supported by your boss/company:

Do you have open, honest discussions with your manager about your career goals and aspirations? You may not know where all the growth opportunities exist in your company, but a company committed to your growth will encourage and ever recommend you to new projects, initiatives and promotional/lateral roles.

Having support and corporate resources available to you should not be taken lightly…it ‘s worth its weight in gold.

You work in an environment that exudes trust and integrity:

Do you trust the leadership at your company, feel included in key decisions and know that your voice is heard? Where trust and true engagement co-exist in any company, you are more likely to stay committed and productive.

Before running to jump ship, evaluate whether your company’s goals, corporate culture and values are in line with yours.

You feel a strong connection to your company’s mission:

Do feel connected to the company’s over-aching purpose and vision? You will achieve better career success and satisfaction when you understand your role and value in the company.

Take time to assess what factors are important to you in terms of passions and interests and whether it’s reflected in your work.

You have access to numerous learning opportunities:

Does your company financially or otherwise support employee professional and personal development? Whether your growth comes from on the job training, mentoring opportunities or through formal classes, workshops and webinars, you are in the right place when your work environment supports ongoing learning.

You have built valuable professional relationships:

Do you feel energized by your work environment? Can you identify at least three to five strong working relationships or partnerships you enjoy? You will always shine in an environment that encourages interpersonal relationships and formal/informal connections.

Make note of who you are connected to at work and determine if you have a large number of allies and advocates.

You have opportunity for innovation and creativity:

Are you consistently bumping into the iron fist of management? When you can function in a work environment free of the “command-and-control” leadership style, you will be motivated to take initiative and do more.

Identify the last time you were encouraged to solve business challenges and given stretch opportunities beyond your comfort zone.

Your professional reputation gives you room to breath:

Being everyone’s “go-to” person helps build and strengthen your expertise…and if you can do it without career burnout, that’s even better.

Determine if your irritability or frustration is coming from constant work overload and unreasonable expectations.

Which of these career satisfaction factors are present for you in your current role? Which of these are mendable and can be addressed immediately with your manager?