Keeping Clients Engaged Through Email Marketing

If you want to be successful in your consulting business, remember that people buy from who they like and who they trust…getting prospects and clients to trust you comes through effective marketing success

Rarely is anyone going to call you up or meet you once and decide to retain your services on the spot (even though it has happened with me, many times). However, with the right strategic marketing, authentic, genuine messaging and creative ways to keep in touch, you can land and create clients for life.

Email marketing is a highly effective form of marketing and is very impactful in building long lasting client relationships.

Here are a few reminders on how to make email marketing easy for you and non stressful for those on your list.

Keep It Simple:

Marketing messages need to be simple and to the point. Don’t make every email marketing message like a sales page. Tell them something important, and then promote something. It’s that easy.

Chunky Content Works Best:

When people read email messages (or anything online) they read from top to bottom before they read from left to right. That’s why it’s important to make bullet points, use a lot of white space, and make the content chunky.

Stay Focused On Your Clients:

Stop saying “I” or “We” in your email marketing messages and instead use a lot of “you” and proper names to talk to the person in your email. You want them to know it’s about them and not about you. You are helping them, not yourself.

Show More Benefits Than Features:

When you’re telling your ideal clients about a new program or consulting service, always tell them about the benefits. That’s all they care about. How does your service help them and solve the problems they are facing now.

Use Telling Subject Lines:

Avoid using bait-and-switch tactics with your email subject lines. Make sure the  subject line reflects what your ideal clients want to read about or they will ignore your future emails because they feel you’ve tricked them.

Include Relevant Keywords:

Even though your email won’t be searched by a search engine, your ideal clients are used to certain words or phrases used in their industry and marketplace. Using familiar words and even some jargon at times lets them know you understand them completely.

Write Directly to Your Targeted Audience:

When you are writing the email messages, it’s important to have a clear picture or your ideal client in mind. Create a client avatar to help you write directly to the right person.

Have One Goal in Mind:

Don’t scram too many ideas or goals in one email or you will overwhelm your clients. Market one new thing at a time and have one good goal/desired outcome/call to action for each email so you can stay focused.