Increasing Your Value to Your Employer

It’s always a good idea to make yourself a valuable asset to your employer. While you should take initiative, stay motivated and be a top contributor, here are a few key strategies to keep in mind.

1. Find a Way to Increase Profits.

Even if you weren’t specifically assigned the task, keep an open mind and brainstorm ways that the company can work more efficiently.

Perhaps you could bring an idea to your manager’s attention that will boost sales, reduce costs or expand brand presence.

2. Be Willing to Cross-Train.

No matter what your job is, there are ways that you can learn new things in different functional areas. Express interest and actively learn the ins and outs of company objectives and initiatives in other departments.

Demonstrate that you have a deeper understanding of the company’s business on the whole which could lead to bigger or better opportunities.

3. Sharpen Your Skills.

Spend time to delve deeper into your current skills and competencies and explore ways to increase your abilities.

For example, if you work in online advertising, continue to search for different ways you can advertise or different networks to display your advertising.

You may end up greatly improving the company’s return on investment by thinking outside of the box.

4. Take on Additional Responsibilities.

When you take on additional responsibilities and leverage your skills in other areas of the company through special projects, volunteering or short-term assignments.

5. Work on Coworker Relationships.

While the people you work with don’t have to become your best friends, it’s important to maintain good rapport and engagement with your colleagues.

Actively look for opportunities to communicate and form collaborative relationships with your coworkers and senior leaders on breaks or during lunches.

6. Take Classes or Additional Training

While you may already have a degree or training in certain industry or specialty, it helps to keep improving or expanding your expertise.

Remember, it’s not required to go back to school or taking additional courses, but if you have the time and resources available it could be a good idea.

While you don’t have to implement all strategies at once, but start making small steps.