Executive Resume Blues – Zero In, Zero out

Executive Resume Blues - Zero In, Zero out | Premier Writing Solutions

Is Your Executive Resume On Shaking Ground?

Can you think of anything that is steady and secure without a solid foundation?

Nothing comes to mind for me.

If you want something that can withstand changes and survive, you need a solid foundation.

Every executive resume and executive career document needs a strong foundation.

Whether it’s an executive resume or career biography, you need a great beginning to have a great impact.

Too often, job seekers think of the executive resume as a magical document.

Here’s the reality check, you cannot build a dynamic resume using irrelevant, unrelated career experience.

Consider this, if you are targeting accounting positions, but no accounting experience, paid or volunteer.

Creating a compelling executive resume that “sells” you to employers and recruiters is going to be hard.

Yes, even a master resume writer like me (shameless plug) cannot create any magic when there is nothing to work with.

Zero in, gets you zero out.

However, there is hope if you are patient and willing to take the long road to a new career.

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